Rama Setu in richest thorium coast of the world

monazitemap1.jpgRama Setu in richest thorium coast of the world (Manavalakurichi in Tamil Nadu; Aluva, Chavara in Kerala)

Rama Setu in richest thorium coast of the world

The coast in Hindumahasagara, which can be called the world’s nuclear coast, alone accounts for nearly 30% of the world reserves of thorium, a nuclear, strategic mineral.

It is our responsibility to conserve this world heritage and make the nation energy independent, for generations to come.

Resources map: Geology and minerals, Geological Survey of India (Based upon Survey of India toposheet No. 58H First Edition 1969)

 Explanatory note:

Mineral resources (heavy minerals – beach placers)

Heavy mineral concentrations (including ilmenite, rutile, garnet and monazite) occur in beach sands as localized pockets along the east coast and between Kolachel and Kanniyakumari on the west coast over a distance of nearly 75 km. Significant concentration occurs between Vattakottai and Lipuram and the famous Manavalakurichi deposit, which extends over a length of 5 to 6 km. With a width of 3 to 5 m from the mouth of Valliyur River. The beach placers on an average contain 45 to 55% ilmenite, 7 to 14% garnet, 4 to 5% zircon, 3 to 4% monazite. 2 to 3% sillimanite, 2 to 3% rutile, 0.5 to 1% leucoxene and 10 to 25% others, including silica. (Database 1984)


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