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April 4, 2017

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Intellectual is not a “self-bestowed” title. Real intellectuals don’t even describe themselves as such. It is usually others who recognise their body of work and contribution to society and call them intellectuals. In India, for long, you couldn’t be called an intellectual unless you were a Commie and part of the Nehruvian Tabela of Delhi. You can even lobby to be called an intellectual, just as many lobby for Padma awards. Of course, grovelling will be involved. Then, you will have to become the member of India International Centre (IIC) or frequent it often enough to become part of the gossip circuit. I can tell you this though, I was once invited to IIC for lunch by some folks. I swear, the whole place reeks of intellectuals. As an added bonus, I guarantee you will find the sweetest smelling people on earth at IIC. Even those in kurta-pyjama and beards will smell sweet.

I don’t know the brands but maybe from Revlon to Kaajal you will find all kinds of lipstick, face-powder, mascara and what not. By the way, getting a membership to IIC is not easy. It is tougher than getting into IIMA or Harvard. It is harder than conquering the 36 chambers of Shaolin. I’m not kidding, just read this in BS India, even the Lutyens elite have to stand in Q. So you can imagine the delight of Ramachandra Guha when he finally got a membership at IIC. He must have been thrilled like a little kid and earned a right to be called an intellectual. I think this was around 2013 but that doesn’t matter. I had only known RG as a cricket statistician who also wrote some cricket stuff. But now he had become an intellectual at par with Sagarika Ghose, Robert Vadra, Barkha Dutt, Saba Naqvi and others in the Lutyens circuit.

The first time I read something RG wrote was when he visited Ahmedabad for a day. All that I found was garbage from the first para to the last. RG sees one sign-board in Ahmedabad and goes on a rant against Narendra Modi – calling him delusional, megalomaniac and what not. That’s when I coined the term “Distortian” for him. RG is no historian. He is a prejudiced writer of original, unadulterated bullcrap:

That was six years ago! The only thing that has changed since then is that Modi is triumphed all these fools and become PM and Guha is still desperate to be recognised as an intellectual. Grovelling through Lutyens with friends like Rajdeep, Sagarika and many others, Guha learned a trick. He would go around calling everyone he knew an intellectual with the hope of reciprocity. I’m serious, the number of times RG uses the word “intellectual” in a day would simply stun you. Not a day passes when he can write a sentence or tweet without the word. I can list hundreds of tweets but just sample this:

The tweets may not be clearly legible but that’s not my objective. Just observe the number of times RG mentions “intellectual” in red-underlines. Morning, noon, night, sunrise – RG simply chants “intellectual, intellectual, intellectual, intellectual” as if his bladder is constantly under pressure. Guha calls all of his friends “intellectual”. It’s not even scratching backs anymore – I call you intellectual, you call me intellectual back. Commie Pigs like Guha have abused and trashed Modi for over a dozen years and have still failed to dent his success or popularity. Guha is such a moron that he doesn’t know what he blabbers half the time. Let’s look at some intellectual moronery:

So, in 2011, Modi was delusional and a megalomaniac according to Guha. Now, Modi becomes “CM of action” during his tenure in Gujarat once he is PM. As PM Modi is now in an image makeover mode for self-promotion. I don’t know what more promotion Modi needs when the entire media and country hears his every utterance and speech. The media dissects every syllable he utters. Even international leaders have his attention. As gently as a snake, Guha now shifts to finding new subtle ways of saying Modi as PM is not the action guy he was in Gujarat. But back then Modi was just delusional. Okay? Such is the foolish desperation of Guha, that he attributes the Kashmir problems to the “Gaurakshak” issue:

I wonder if Guha has brains in his head or fruit-salad. This is why the book “Intellectual Morons” had to be written by someone (check the links that follow). In the past, I have identifiedAmartya Sen as “India’s biggest intellectual moron” and the late Dileep Padgaonkar as “The second biggest”. These IMs buy and sell the dumbest of ideas that ordinary “Drivers, Panwallas & Sabjiwallas” would laugh at. Their only claim to being an “intellectual” is through political connections and a lot of grovelling. Common sense is alien to these pretenders and glorified idiots. So, what does pretender Ram Guha come up with next? Here you go:

So, Modi govt is the most “anti-intellectual”. Now, who could come up with such crap except a Guha? What he means is that unless the same slimy Commie Pigs are appointed to various boards, institutions and positions of influence any govt would be anti-intellectual. Only these Lutyens Crawlers and IIC Lipstick guys can decide who’s an intellectual and who is fit for what post or responsibility. And limitlessly, Guha has also claimed that ModiSarkar has suppressed FoE. These guys rant, rave and abuse Modi almost by the hour and yet whine like a bunch of chickens stuck in a cage. Reality is as far removed for Commies as the Russian language is from the Tamil language. But Guha finally gives in and knows he cannot escape the inevitable. That Modi has not only surpassed various tests but has slaughtered the Sickulars electorally. What do we do? Let’s protect our Commie Prima Donnas! And thusly comes the latest, subtle stupidity by Guha:

Guha throws in the towel and declares “Modi is set to be the 3rd most successful PM after Nehru and Indira”. Clever, eh? So, when you can’t beat Modi anymore, especially after the electoral results in March 2017, Guha protects his darling Nehru as No.1, Indira as No.2 and generously allows Modi a 3rd place in history. Laughable CLOWN! There is just one flaw here – Modi is not history yet. Modi’s legacy cannot be judged or written yet. The cunning Commie that Guha is, he also forgets another thing. Nehru was PM some 17 years straight. Indira was PM some 15 years in two stints. In contrast, Modi hasn’t been PM for three years yet. So this nonsense is only to pre-empt Modi from being recognised as the most daring and successful PM yet. Nehru was the most unimaginative failure as PM and I don’t intend to write more on him. As for Indira, she had her strengths but was a despot and the stain of Emergency disqualifies her from any recognition in a democracy. Indira also justified corruption as a universal phenomenon. Even anti-Congress people recognise as PV Narasimha Rao as a more successful PM than Nehru or Indira.

I wanted to rate Ramachandra Guha as “India’s 3rd biggest intellectual moron”. But I realise that he doesn’t qualify. He’s a mere pen-pusher and a Lutyens Crawler with the intellect that matches that of Sagarika. Modi has yet this term to finish and may get another term. I believe by the time he finishes as PM he might end up being rated as the most daring and successful PM of India so far. Guha and his Commie Pigs cannot defend their darling Nehrus and Indiras anymore. Guha is no intellectual. He’s just low down trickster that the media gladly peddles as “celebrated historian”. To me, Guha is nothing but an unintellectual moron.

Posted by Ravinar at 4/04/2017 04:14:00 AM

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  1. Bipan VasudevaApril 04, 2017 7:03 AMReply
  2. I wonder sometimes can any one match your abilities
    Take a bow Sir
    I really greatful to you that by reading your blogs I am recognised as a pundit in my circles
    I will not use word intellectual
  3. sachingkApril 04, 2017 7:04 AMReply
  4. Guha is a near perfect example of a lying scheming and crawling IYI (Intellectual yet idiot).
  5. Tulip SuriApril 04, 2017 7:43 AMReply
  6. If only you can write modiji’s speech! What a team you guys would make.


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