Arrogance, thy name is Karunanidhi — by Cho Ramaswamy

Arrogance, Thy name is Karunanidhi!

by Cho Ramaswamy

It is not new for the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to hate-speak and hurt religious Hindus. But his speech at the recent DMK convention in Erode is a new chapter in his continuing saga of hatred against the Hindu religion.

“We will explore alternative channels, preventing damages to the Ramar’s Bridge” – this assurance by the Central government to the Supreme Court has chafed him greatly. He is more interested in getting the Ramar Bridge demolished than completing the Sethusamudram project. That’s what makes him angry at the very hint of exploring alternative channels. But, is there any use by this anger?

At the centre, the Congress is vote fearing, and so the nagging “repeal of support” has become worthless. That’s why the Centre so explicitly declared its reverence for Rama in the Supreme Court and also asked for three months of time to explore an alternate way. In the said function the Chief minister declared “they are gaming with us hoping that the people would accept these foolish, dumb, and idiotic religious sentiments by dragging Rama’s name….to defeat the presently-affecting-us, darkening in future conspiracy I place before you this resolution” speaking thus, conveyed in the resolution “the central government fearing the communal groups…. must not yield to the attempts to stop Sethusamudram project”.

What use such a call has? Haven’t the Congress and the central government already started resorting to the “foolish, dumb and idiotic religious sentiments”? Even the Central law minister has remarked, “Rama is a part and parcel of Indian culture. It is not the matter to be disputed. Existence of Rama cannot be doubted. As Himalaya is Himalaya, Ganges is Ganges, Rama is Rama! No need to prove this.”

The central government filed an affidavit “Ramayana is sacred; the government fully respects all religions, and, in this case, the Hindu religion”.

Therefore, the “conspiracy” that the CM warns about has got sanctioned by the central government. The Central government has come forward to “darken the future”. Despite these, why the CM has to support this central government? Why the DMK ministers still hold posts in the government that darkens the future? How can the DMK rule in Tamil Nadu with the support of Congress that ally with the “conspirators”? Is it not betraying

Isn’t it absolutely necessary for the DMK to quit the central government, withdraw support to it, and even reject the support availed from the Congress in Tamil Nadu, to defeat this conspiracy? Why is the CM not determined to do this? What else can be the reason for this, other than the power-hunger?

By not opposing the central government, which voluntarily got eligible to be added in his list of people he described as “frauds, cunning jackals” – is he a supporter of frauds? Is he the patron of cunning jackals? The CM, who never hesitates for a moment to sacrifice Periyar’s ideology for the sake of power for himself and his family members, displays his courage with just rants. “Bravery only in words” indeed! The lust for power held by him and his family members blocks him to anger at the central government. Poor man, whom can he direct his anger at? There they are, the Hindu beliefs, always.

In his outrage, the CM has spewed venom using the Tamil singular phrases indicative of disrespect, “Who is this Raman? In which engineering college did he study to become an Engineer? When did he build that bridge? Is there any evidence?” Hatred filled, he has, in reality, blabbered, thinking that he is talking smart. Common sense will infer that “Rama built the bridge” does not mean that Rama actually put stones one over the other and built it with his own hands. When we say, “An emperor built a temple” or “created sculptures”, does that mean he actually chiseled the stones with his hands? All it means is that on his command, or at his desire, craftsmen completed those works. But, those works are not known by the names of the sculptors involved, but are renowned only by the names of the kings.

Same applies to Rama’s Bridge. The CM only knows insulting Ramayana, but he never misses to make mistakes while quoting from the epic (I had pointed these on several earlier occasions too). It was the king of the oceans, Samudra Raja, who guided Rama in making the bridge. It is he who also suggested the name of the expert Nala. “Nala is the expert son of divine craftsman Vishwakarma; bestowed with divine powers and knowledge of the profession from his father; He came forward and requested Sugriva, ‘O great among Vanaras, let the materials be collected for the construction of the bridge’.

Vanaras spread out to collect the materials requested by Nala. (“Vanaras” do not mean what the English word “monkey” means; they are not monkeys. As per Valmiki Ramayana, they are great warriors; learned men; built palaces and lived in the city). “With the help of Vanaras, boulders are made, trees were uprooted and brought. Trees, boulders and other such material were all brought to the seashore. To keep the boulders upright during the construction of the bridge, strong ropes were used. As per Nala’s command, Vanaras worked swiftly, pushing the boulders into the ocean and placing the wood over them. The constructed bridge resembled that of the galaxy of stars on the celestial sky. From the sky the bridge looked like the parting that splits a lady’s longhair into two parts, on which the Vanaras and others climbed and crossed the ocean”.

These are the details found in Valmiki Ramayana. Wishing to make a smart talk, the blabbering chief minister, could at least have asked a little more sensible question, “In which Engineering college did Nala study?” If thus asked, our answer would be “Nala learnt it from his father and he was renowned as an expert in his field”.

Let that be aside. The CM, who asks, “in which Engineering college did Rama study to build the bridge?” would ask similar questions about some other identical beliefs?

“They say that the legendary lady Kannagi plucked out one of her breast and threw it to burn the city of Madurai. Will the CM ask, “In which college did she study that technique? Was it biology or a bomb making art?” We won’t question it, because we accept that Kannagi showed the power of chastity.

The CM wrote commentary for the ancient Tamil grammar treatise Tholkappiyam. Will he ask, “In which college did Tholkappiyar study grammar? Who taught grammar to the one considered as the very originator of Tamil grammar?”. We won’t question it, because we understand that there lived great sages in ancient times, endowed with wisdom and expertise that might not be comprehensible to our limited knowledge.

“It is said that Thiruvalluvar authored the Thirukkural. Where did he learn the methods of composing poetry? Where did he learn Tamil? Where did he learn the philosophical querying known as philosophy?” will the CM ask such questions? We won’t question, because we know that Thiruvalluvar is a divine blessed saint.

Ok. Leave these aside. Has the CM questioning the existence of Rama, ever made even a minor comment about the beliefs of other religions, even by a slip of tongue?

Has the CM spoken anything about the much revered hair of Prophet Mohammed that is claimed to be present in the Hazratbal Mosque of Kashmir? Will he ask, “How do you know it is the hair of Mohammed? What is the evidence?” We won’t question it, because we have learnt to respect the beliefs of other religions; and we believe that speaking insolently about sages revered by people of other religions is a crass and mean act.

“It is said that Jesus Christ died at the cross and then came alive. In which laboratory did he learn that art? Or the one who brought him alive, through which scientific research did he learn this medical procedure? Is there evidence?” Will the CM ask these questions? We won’t question this, because we know it is barbaric to abuse the messiahs and beliefs of other religions.

Why to go this extent? “The ochre Buddha wore was yellow in color, that is why I always wear this yellow shawl” is one of the reasons the CM gave for his yellow effectualness. “What is the evidence to prove that Buddha’s garments were yellow? Were did he dye his garment?” will the CM ask these questions? We wont ask these questions, because we feel that it is utter stupidity to make such dim-witted comments about Avatars, the human manifestations of the Divine.

The big evidence that the CM shows is the Nehru’s remark that Ramayana is a myth. Any opinions by atheists, Nehru included, on Ramayana or Hindu beliefs do not qualify to become pronounced judgments on the subject.

It appears that the CM considers Nehru’s words as sacred lore, err.. pardon.., ‘Periyar’ lore – what does he have to say about another opinion of Nehru? When Nehru rubbished DMK as “nonsense” in one word, why did the DMK cadre conduct a big struggle? When Nehru himself has pronounced the judgment, where is the case for appeal? Shouldn’t they just accept themselves as “nonsense”?

The CM talks erratically about the beliefs of Hindu religion only. Because his decisive opinion is that Hindus are all gullible idiots. If not so, will he dare to tirade so abusively about the Purushottama worshipped by crores of people?

Money induced pride, power induced madness, political-fame induced arrogance – when all these come together in a person, his mouth will speak like this. This speaker of Rama’s engineering qualification, on what qualifications, hold the office of the Chief Minister? By the votes of the people; the very same three fourths who worship Rama as the Divine manifestation.

“I don’t want these votes, I don’t want at all the votes of the fools who think Rama is Divine!”, Will the CM declare? Does it matter? We shall declare it. It will be an utterly shameful act if Hindus who worship Rama and other Divinities vote for him and the party that he associates with.

‘Representations from public mostly in favour of SSCP’ Chennai (PTI): The experts committee, constituted by the Centre as per a Supreme Court direction to go into the environmental issues of the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project, has received representations from the public, mostly in favour of the project, panel sources said on Sunday. The committee had received about 20,000 representations during the public hearing held here from October 29 to November 6 and most of them were in support of the SSCP, they said. The 10-member committee of eminent citizens, notified by the Union Cabinet Secretary on October five, will submit its report to the Centre in the first week of December. Besides holding public hearing, the panel had also listened to the views of litigants who had moved the Supreme Court against demolition of the Ram Sethu (Adam’s bridge). While those who were opposed to the project raised issues like environmental impact and dredging of Ram Sethu, those in favour of SSCP felt that the project would lead to employment generation and all round development of coastal Tamil Nadu, the sources added. It may be recalled that AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa and Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy had demanded that the committee be disbanded as it did not comprise experts from disciplines like oceanography, maritime, social science, defence and economy to go into various aspects of the issue. Swamy had also alleged a “anti-Hindu and anti-Ram bias” among some panel members, including its Chairman S Ramachandran.


20 Responses to Arrogance, thy name is Karunanidhi — by Cho Ramaswamy

  1. dr.v.ananthanarayanan says:

    kalaignar is dependent on his livlihood to insult hinduism,brahmins,and indias heritage.tamizh nadu will be better off to defeat such people and parties like congress, dk,dmk,admk and so called morons like kalaignar,arignar, ayya,thalaivar,kavignar,the moron trb so that tamizh nadu become once more the religous and cultural capital of bharath.vandematharam.

  2. pnsutopia says:

    This old senile man has double standards. His Daughter-in-law I am told builds temples–He and Balu have ulterior motives–Which is evident—How much money will satisfy these Politicians ?

  3. kris raju says:

    Karunanidhi is a coward. He is a person who thinks that his local muscle power gives him the right to insult Hindus in Hindustan. Look at the way he undid the entrance examinations to prof. colleges. What a shallow reason. There is a holocast against Brahmins going on in Tamilnadu and no one pays attention to it from the government due to the minority status of Brahmins. Where is the equal protection clause specified in the constitution.

  4. Venkat says:

    Its a shame that innumerable common men whose daily routine is to share their love and respect by means of some worship to Almighty who is the provider of everything around, to tolerate and ignore these unscruplous comments by uneducated tribals. Worse is an helpless acceptance of their leadership. Will these barbaric acts end. Will we resume a civilized society. Should we leave our descendants to these rogues, thieves and outcaste fools. Shame! Shame! Shame! on us Indians.

  5. margo says:

    vHmxgK f85fkalfbc63m7jgd82hk0

  6. pramod says:

    karunanidhi incarnation of oedipus who rape his mother

  7. bharathi kanna says:

    kalaignar always insults hindus because they can only tolerate these stupid questions..particularly brahmins…our CM not at all respecting the majority in TN,then why we are not ignoring DMK…??shame..!

  8. Senthil Anand says:

    Why is that Brahmins are always selfish. For 300 years Brahmins have dominated Tamil society in the name of hindu religion. Is it that only Brahmins have to become Doctors, Engineers and Scientists and other castes have to remain where they are?. Since India’s independence, the prime minister of India has been a Brahmin (except Manmohan Singh). But tell me what is the progress India has achieved in 50 years when compared to other Asian nations have achieved during this period?. It has taken a non-Brahmin Prime minister to open up the economy to take the country forward. Tamilnadu has been ruled by non-Brahmin CMs for the past so many years. Among industrialized states, it is in the top three. I have travelled all over India. The road network Tamilnadu has is not available in any other state except Maharashtra. You go to nearby states Andhra, Kerala, Karanataka and you will find only potholes instead of roads (even in district head quarters). All this development has happended with no perinnial river in Tamilnadu. If you guys do not want to live in Tamilnadu, nobody is stopping you to get out of the state.

  9. Manoj Sharma says:

    shame on us that an atheist says this for our most revered and adored god Raam ,who will rebuke and refute him,

  10. This is quite a hot information. I think I’ll share it on Digg.

  11. Mani Menon says:

    kris raju claims that ‘there is a holocaust against Brahmins in Tamil Nadu’! I feel the Brahmins themselves are responsible for this! The Brahmins of Tamil Nadu love to club together and they try their best to keep out other communities. My wife and I live in our own flat in a suburb in South Chennai. If a flat is to let,out comes a board proclaiming in bold letters, ‘FOR BRAHMINS ONLY’! Even the local newspaper (Nanganallur Talk)is full of these disgusting ads!As long as Brahmins adopt this ‘superior’ attitude, they will always be the object of ridicule, taunt and disgust!

  12. H.Krishnamurthy says:

    It is quite natural that persons like Karunanidhi will speak all ill about Hindus , their feelings and sentiments because it is their livlihood. Their Thandhai Periyar taught them that scolding Hindus is the easiest way to get the popularity and money , Power etc thru that popularity. This is the school where such things are taught is called Paghutharivu pasarai and the first lesson is learn Ramayan, Mahabharath and other Hindu mythology. Ofcourse the second lesson will be take all bad things omens from it and strictly follow that,like when entire world accepts Rama as a true purushothaman , Ignore him and follow Ravan. Even I have heard some of the kids of such great Pagutharivalis are named after Ravan and all that.

  13. Alexandra says:

    hello, I didn’t know where to contact you but your layout design looked messed up on firefox and opera. Anyways, i just suscribd to your rss.

  14. kumar says:

    Already he made more damages to Hindus.For sure after 20-30Yrs there will be fight againsts (between)religion in india especially in TN.The minority becomes majority already they are on their way to convert people.First of all someone should teach about HINDU.I should be like mega serial in TV.And why should we follows some traditional ethics.It should not be like “Enge Bharamanan”.It is meant for only particular caste.Then again we are doing same mistake.It should be more about HINDU Dharma!
    Jai Hind!!

  15. john says:

    mr cho i have been reading ur mgzn for a score, u are a failure. Tamilians and Tamils like atheist to sit. u demolish temple/church/mosque no one is agitated for one who commits wrong doings search for salvation, tamilians cannot commit wrong for they have no work to do at the first instance and never care for god, another humble request please do not wrongly guide Ms Jaya since she is the only hope for Tamil Nadu, if she fails u are a condemned culprit.

  16. Deepak says:

    I forbid anyone to use the word Kalaignar to desribe this most venemous idiot. He does not know any Tamil; Pitch him against Mr.Cho (or) Sri U.Ve.Velukkudi Krishnan Swami and he will fail miserably. Especially, a man who has two known wives and many keeps is not eligible to comment on Lord Rama! What an irony and What a shame!

  17. we,the hindus are not consious that the people like karunanidhi are cheating us.Other relion persons will not keep quiet when such things are talked by them because they have strong faith in their own religion we(many of the hindus) are just hearing his words and go away as if we dont have any part in it .We must ARISE AND AWAKE.

  18. SS says:

    Karunanidhi is hypocritical atheist. If you are an atheist like me, you need to be true to your belief. I am pretty sure he prays secretly behind closed doors for his longevity.

  19. aeve31 says:

    There is no Hindu religion in ancient tamil history. There is no mention of it.
    Just to to deepest villages of tamilnadu and check whether they have names like vishnu, Indran etc. They only worship their “Kula” dheivam. Whereas Hinduism is purely vegetarian, i have seen people offering arrack, meat, fish etc to thier gods.
    Now tell me which hindu god eats meat ?
    It was british, Mughals/Mangols, and Aryans in that order who came to india. Just because Aryans(Brahmins) came early, we cannot accept their religion(Hinduism) as our religion.
    We will worship our Kula dheivam only.
    Guys, check your history first.

  20. iyer says:

    cho is idot, he beleve rama, he make tamils to belive rama. rama story is know to tamils is some centuries ago. tamils have various belives. cho never accept tamil as orginal language, he has belive that sanskrit is orginator of tamil. all because of his aryan behavier.
    if he is so fond on sankrit then he can start tukluk in sanksrit not tamil.

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