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7 Responses to About

  1. N C Panpalia says:

    Does any body have full text of affadivit filed by Govt on Ramsethu?

  2. Rangnath K. Chandra says:

    Hindu Civilization is much beyond it is understood from the perspective of modern or present days scientific discoveries and imaginations mostly coming from the western thinkers and scientists who look only from a material eye and mind to things related to life, nature, mankind, environment, and all that is related to earth,sun,wind,fireand ether. The entire universe and that which can not be thought of by mortal minds and visualised by its eyes or in imagination is at the roots of great scientific researches done over hundred of centuries by the Rishikul of Hindu civilization. Today those who try to challenge or laugh at Hindu beliefs and existence of RAM are some mad and degenerated souls who out of their foolishness and short sighted ness are out to destroy and dienounce the roots of their own existence in coming few centuries as per laws of nature and as told in ancient scriptures.
    If at all HUMAN civilisation has to be saved from extinction in the short run the nefarious acts of such forces has to be nullified by satvik vichar people unitedly.

  3. Rangnath K. Chandra says:

    Ram Sethu should never be tampered and that alone can save mankind’s extinction and unleashing of wrath of gods.

  4. manish pushkarna says:

    Can any one help me by letting me know from where i can get the book – titled Ramasetu by Dr. Ramanarayan

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  6. bharati pawaskar says:

    Ram Sethu should be protected at any cost and should not be allowed to be demolished. Indians should get united for cause and save Ram Sethu for religious, historic and scientific reasons. Please send me more details about Ram Sethu and Photos.

  7. Arnold68 says:

    So little is thought of this phenomenon that a design student in Australia tells me it does not appear in text books. ,

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