Rama Setu: Ramayana is reality — SR Rao, BB Lal

https://kalyan97.wordpress.com/2007/09/17/788/ BB Lal’s views on historicity of Ramayana 

Mahatma Gandhi on Setubandha Rames’waram: “What do you think could have been the intention of those farseeing ancestors of ours who established Setubandha (Rameshwar) in the South, Jagannath in the East and Hardwar in the North as places of pilgrimage? You will admit they were no fools. They knew that worship of God could have been performed just as well at home. They taught us that those whose hearts were aglow with righteousness had the Ganges in their own homes. But they saw that India was one undivided land so made by nature” (Hind Swaraj Chapter 9) 

“To sum up. The archaeological evidence from the five sites excavated so far, does indicate that Ramayana is not the figment of somebody’s imagination but may have had a kernel of truth at its base.” (Source: ‘Archaeology of the Ramayana Sites Project: Its Genesis and a summary of the Results’ by B.B.Lal (Manthan, October, 1990)


Ramayana is not a myth: S.R. Rao

Special Correspondent

His excavations near Dwaraka found parts of the town where Lord Krishna lived

‘Discovery of the submerged Kusasthali Dwaraka is a historical truth’‘Tradition depicts Hampi in Karnataka as Kishkindha, a place visited by Rama’

Bangalore: President of the Society for Marine Archaeology in India S.R. Rao said that Ramayana cannot be dismissed as a myth, just as it was done earlier in the case of Mahabharata.In a press release, the former scientist emeritus said that the discovery of the submerged Kusasthali Dwaraka is a historical truth now and the experts had dubbed Mahabharata as a myth.

Neolithic culture

In the case of Ramayana, he said strong tradition depicts Hampi in Karnataka as Kishkindha, which was visited by Rama. The culture of Kishkindha at that time was of Neolithic levels, it said.

Prof. Rao, who undertook deep-sea excavations near Dwaraka, discovered the submerged parts of the town where Krishna lived when he was director of National Institute of Oceanography.

He said that the culture (seen in Kishkindha) has several Neolithic sites spread over Patapadu and Pusalpadu in Bellary district. Another important site is Bandi Pushala Chenu in Bellary-Kurnool area where excavations of the Harappan steatite wheel-like beads are found.

These beads occur in all Harappan sites as early as 3000 BC.


Bithur near Kanpur, a traditional Ramayana site, had yielded weapons of the culture, archeologically designated as ochre-coloured pottery, ranging from 1500 to 2000 BC or even 3000 BC near Ghaneswar in Rajasthan.

Excavations at the Neolithic culture site at Mahagara in the Belan valley of Uttar Pradesh yielded rice dated around 4000 BC.

Further north-west in Pakistan, the cotton growing Neolithic culture is 7,000 years old (5000 BC). When Rama came to Kishkindha, the Vanaras were the same Neolithic people, whose help he took, said Prof. Rao.

The archaeological dating of Neolotihic culture ranged from 4000 BC in Uttar Pradesh to 7600 BC in pre-Harappan sites of Pakistan. On this basis, Ramayana should be dated at least to 3000 BC, if not earlier.

Core of truth

The Mahabharata, he said, mentioned Ramayana, while the Ramayana did not mention Mahabharata. There is no negative evidence to say that Ramayana was a myth.

Ramayana is built on a core of truth depicting the life of a particular people and period, Prof. Rao added.


25 Responses to Rama Setu: Ramayana is reality — SR Rao, BB Lal

  1. kumar says:


    Please give me the email or telephone number of Prof S R Rao. I am a journalist based in Chennai


  2. s v badri says:

    We knew this already from our FIRM faith

  3. Hari Kak says:

    The existance of Dwarka was considered a myth.
    Discoveries of a submerged city are bringing out the Truth.
    Similiarly the Saraswati was considered amyth. Now some discoveriesare leadiong towards it existance.
    Just because we have so far no ‘scientific’ evidence we cannot jump to the conclusion that Lord Ram’s existance was a myth
    Jai Sri Ram
    Hari Kak.

  4. suryanarayanan says:

    I am a NRI living in France. The contribution by Dr Rao on Dwaraka marine research is very commendable. What I heard is tha this research has been either dropped and slowed down. I have written amail to arch survey of india; so far no reply. Similarly, it is not clear why the govt has never undertaken any exacation along the rameswaram coast; or was it statred and later abnadoned. The French scholars like Gautier and Michel Deniot accept ththe findings re Sarswathi; I wsa even told that the tamilnadu govt stopped Michel from speaking at a conference when he was tying to say that aryan-dravidian split was intended to creat problem in south india. In spit of sevral good scients like Dr Rao, I feel sorry that the indain Govt is not recognising their talents. Dr KAlyanaraman and others are doing great service but nation wide protes should be done among scientists. Hope soon this controversey will come to an end and the TAmilnadu govt and the delhi govt will spend time and energy to imrpove water and toilet facilities in vilalges and in towns.

  5. Choudhury Pranavananda Das says:

    The article is based on facts and really interesting to know the truth. It proves our ancient belief and rich history.
    Kindly, send me the contact no and the e-mail id of Dr. Rao.
    It is urgent.

  6. aniruddh sinha says:

    u have done a welldone job.and i want joine u as an helper.


  7. Sundararajan says:

    We are taking visual documentery on Ramayana Historical research. We want to know the facts of Ramayana and research details. Is anyone can help.


  8. Deepak K N says:

    This special correspondent is mixing up various things.common people who dont know the nuances of academics ,will easily believe this because they have their strong faith in it.before being delved into it every thing must be clear.common people have serious lecunae in their knowledge of history and its depth.this is the time when academecians must renounce their culture-historical approach.

  9. Raghavendra says:

    As I am Indian I feel proud of S R Rao, Who made Indians to know about there past with the proof.

  10. Ram says:

    One day, they say there is no proof for Ramayana and the other day they say we have evidence supporting Ramayana. This shows Archaeology, just like other sciences, is an emerging field, new techniques and theories are being added, removed & modified every day. Now what should a rationalist do ?. Just wait for the final verdict from Archaeologist or assume Ramayana as history and start reading it. I would opt for the second one. Because by not reading Ramayana, it is me who is losing the wealth of knowledge contained in it.

    But, the general public in India are not going to lessen their devotion to God Ram based on these findings.

  11. Pramod says:

    Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
    IT Milans Jayanagar Valaya Bangalore

    Cordially invites you with your family & friends
    for a lecture on

    Sri Rama – a fact or fiction?

    delivered by

    Dr S. R. Rao
    (A renowned archaeologist and scholar)


    May 18, 2008 (Sunday) 5:00PM to 7:00PM


    Sri Jayarama Seva Mandali
    (1st Main, 40th Cross, Sri Jayarama Seva Mandali Road, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560 070. Near Prabha eye clinic)

  12. Raj says:

    A mere city’s existence doesn’t prove the rubbish shown on TV relating to Mahabharat & Ramayan… I can’t for a moment blv that a ape-like creature (Hanuman) uprooted an entire mountain & brought it over… similarly the hundred’s of senseless things written in both the Mythical epics… Mythical means Myth.. period… its all figment!

  13. siddharth singh says:

    As a Kshatriya born in the Raghuvansh clan ,i am supposedly a descendent of Ram. This made me deeply curious and have been researching and researching for decades .I believe I am now closest to actual reality though there is still a great deal to be understood.

    The first requirement for going to the roots is to shed off the layer of dust deposited by various subjective theoris, speculative or chauvinistic notions and ism’s of various shades.

    I will here give only two cues

    1.The desription of Bali episode in Valmiki Ramayana relates to hunting of whales in pre ice age times by people residing in the sub arctic region.The sea level was much lower and many islands had emerged there, kept green and warm by Gulf Stream.

    The actual details in the epic however, also very strangely indirectly describe the killing of Pompey ,the contemporary of Ceasor , Cleopetra etc in Egptian shores.

    Read Plutarch for details on Pompey and then read the epic.

    In the Arctic case, Hanuman’s description in these passages relates a culture which had made great advances in languege, grammar etc.

    In the Roman case , it refers to Cicero and his abilities as a great orator/ grammarian..

    2 The desription of the making of a bridge refers to the Baring bridge which connected Asia to Americas.

    The actual details of the bridge construction however describe, again indirectly, the bridge or rathera mole, half mile long on sea for attaciking the then islandic hill fortress of Tyre in Lebonon.

    Read original description in Arrian etc and then compare.

    Read please


  14. manoj says:

    plz send me recent findings about ramayana and mahabharata

  15. Vyom says:

    may god bless him… hare krsna

  16. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  17. OpenMindz says:

    I need answers for the question mentioned in the document at this location:

    Click to access o-you-hindu-awake.pdf

    Also mentioned in the BR Ambedkar, architect of indian constitution

    Riddles in Hinduism

    Philosophy of Hinduism

    If anybody can provide a meaning answer i am ready to convert to hinduism.

  18. OpenMindz says:

    What good has Hinduism done for India?
    • Does Hinduism have the answers for todays problems?
    Alcoholism – Drugs- Divorce – Suicide etc.
    • Do these gods move, think or speak?
    • Can they defend themselves if attacked; or mend themselves
    if broken?
    • Don’t you think it foolish to worship these manmade objects?

  19. OpenMindz says:

    Does India belong to the Indians (95 %) or the Brahmins
    • Did Hinduism originate in India itself or did it come with the
    Aryans via the Khyber Pass?
    • Can a person convert and become a Brahmin?
    • What is the relationship between the Aryans of India
    (Brahmins) and the Aryans of Germany (Hitler’s Nazis)?
    • Why do the Brahmins and Nazis have the same symbol – the
    Swastika? (Look at the racist National Front symbols in
    South Africa).
    • Ask yourself who is your God? Is it Shiva, who has the moon
    and river Ganges on his head and who could not identify his
    own son? Or is it Rama who couldn’t see through Sukrievan’s
    disguise and who murdered another god? Or could it be
    Krishna, the “playboy …”?

  20. OpenMindz says:

    Religion is a “man to God” relationship and not a “man to man”

  21. OpenMindz says:

    philosophy of hinduism : It is superman heaven and common man’s damnness

  22. K.L.Raghavan says:

    I marwel and share the wentiments expressed. There is ‘ atime’ for every thing. I am confident that in the near future we will hear about ‘Indian Government’ will go seriously about excavations and approach with oput bias that these are proofs of Srimad Tam ayana. Only we have to wait and pray. The present set us lacks courage of conscience and conviction. Hencve they will be dispelled by the up coming generation.

  23. Zaposlitev says:

    gydsiteuxvahrautzilt, zaposlitev, KanIFsX.

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