Rama Setu: save ! Resolution at Puthucode and ppt

A resolution adopted in a seminar held on 16 Sept. 2007 at Puthocode, Kerala under the aegis of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Puthocode Kendram is annexed — seeking declaration of Ramasetu as divyakshetram, and among other resolutions, asking Governments to desist from any action which impact adversely on the security of Kerala.

A ppt can be downloaded from: http://www.slideshare.net/kalyan97/ramasetu4sept2007/


16 September 2007 Seminar held in Puthucode, Kerala

The assembled dignitaries scholars, scientists and all participants resolve that

  • Ramasetu be declared as a divyakshetram in the Hindu rashtra tradition, in memory of Sri Rama, national hero, mentioned in the official copy of the Constitution of India in Nandalal Bose painting
  • Ramasetu is to the Hindus as sacred as Mecca to the Muslims, Vatican to the Christians, Wailing wall to the Jews and Bodh Gaya to the Bauddha
  • Ramasetu be declared an ancient monument under the Ancient Monuments and Protection Act, 1958
  • UNESCO be advised to declare Ramasetu as World Heritage and Underwater Cultural Heritage
  • Ramasetu is a standing monument representing Bharatam in Survey of India logo: aasetu himachalam
  • Setubandhana, Ramayana episodes, Maabharata episodes be introduced as study resources in all schools and education institutions
  • Recognizing Ramasetu as a tsunami/cyclone protection, multi-disciplinary team of scientists and experts including scientists from Geological Survey of India be constituted to review all projects along Ramasetu and Bharatiya coastline in the context of tsunami protection measures necessary to secure the coastline and protect lives of coastal people
  • Ramasetu should NOT be allowed to become an international geopolitical areana given its importance in accumulating nation’s wealth in heavy-mineral-rich placer deposits
  • Ramasetu is world heritage marine biosphere protecting 3,600 aquatic resources around Ramasetu; it is the responsibility of the samajam and the state to protect, preserve and sustain this heritage for generations to come
  • Any desiccation of Ramasetu is likely to destroy Kerala and southern Bharatiya coastline; Governments should desist from any action which impacts adversely on the security of Kerala.

This resolution will be forwarded to all concerned for immediate attention and action.

Sd. Dr. S. Kalyanaraman, Director, Sarasvati Research Centre,

On behalf of seminar participants and organizers (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Puthucode Kendram, Kerala)

16 Sept. 2007


One Response to Rama Setu: save ! Resolution at Puthucode and ppt

  1. singhal sk says:

    We agree with the resolution passed in the above meeting. We are all to save Ram setu and associated holy places with Lord Rama.



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