Throw out the dharmadrohi government — Puri Shankaracharya

November 11, 2007

Save Ram Sethu
By His Holiness Swami Nischalananda Saraswati
Puri Shankaracharya

Sri Ramachandra, the worthy son of Maharaj Dasharath, is not only the national hero of Bharat, but also a legendary figure representing satya, dharma, nyaya and all the divine qualities. In order to protect saints and propagate dharma, he had taken incarnation and come to this mortal world as a human being and killed Ravan, the embodiment of all the evil qualities. Sri Ram’s good administration and welfare measures are incomparable, even today. The Ramayana is the history of Sri Ram and all his achievements. Every Hindu pays respect to this great granth and learns morals in order to lead a divine and pious life, full of spiritualism. Sri Ram lives in our every breath, every drop of blood, and inside the core of our heart. No power, how much mighty it may be, can vanish him, in any way.
We are really shocked that the existence of Sri Ram and the Ramayan is being disputed on this sacred land where this great hero took birth. It is not only meant for the demolition of the Ram Sethu but also backed by a ploy to outrage the reputation, honour and self-pride of Hindu society. Karunanidhi, Manmohan Singh ,T. R. Balu and Sonia Gandhi are playing dirty politics in the holy name of Sri Ram. Being guided by the Pope, their boss, the ugly plan has been chalked out.
In the Ramayana, Maharshi Valmiki has described about the Ram Sethu in details:–
“Samudram kshyovaya
masunirpatanth samantath
Sutranyanye pragrunhanti
hyayatam sata yojanam”
(This great Sethu was constructed by the great builder Nala. On the first day, 14 yojan, on second day, 20 yojan, on third day, 21 yojan, on fourth day 22 yojan, on fifth day, 23 yojan and in toto 100 yojan-long Sethu was built.) Ref: Ramayan, Yuddha Kanda 22: 62
The Skandha Puran says, after returning from Lanka, Lord Ramachandra requested all the kings to protect and preserve this sacred Sethu.
“Bhuyo bhuyo vabino bhumipalah
natwa natwa yachaye Ramachandra
Samanwyo dharma sethu naranam
kale kale palaniyo bhabidhi”
(Ref: 40:34)
Ram Sethu is not a mere thing. It is the Dharma Sethu for Hindus. All the Hindus believe in it, hence it must be protected and preserved at any cost. Ram Sethu is the model of the great and enriched heritage of ours. It is the pride of Bharat, that we have such an exceptional ancient monument with us about which the rest of the world cannot even imagine. It must be declared and preserved as a national monument. But the dharmadrohi UPA government is striving to get it vanished. The Christian, Muslim and communist countries know it well that Bharat has a golden heritage. They cannot tolerate this at all and want to demoralise the people of Bharat by destroying religious shrines, cultural centres and historical monuments. Our Ram Sethu, Himalaya, river Ganga, river Yamuna, our godhan, maths and mandirs are all on gun-point.
The UPA government says that there is no historical evidence regarding the existence of Sri Ram and Ram Sethu. But, we want to ask, is the Ramayan itself not a proof? Is the faith of the Hindus not a proof ? What more evidence do they want? Which history are they searching? Hindus must be united and throw out this dharmadrohi government from power and let it be sunk in the black pages of history.


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