Rama Setu: Setu Committee hears Rama Gopalan

A Rama (Gopala) Baana in Ravana SSCP den!

V Sundaram | Mon, 05 Nov, 2007 , 03:16 PM (News Today)

Dr Ramachandran, Vice Chancellor of Madras University, is presiding over the Committee of Eminent Persons appointed by T.R. Balu (ostensibly in his official capacity but substantively in his private (DMK Party) capacity!) to consider the controversial issues relating to the Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project (SSCP). This Committee is holding its session in Chennai.  Rama Gopalan, the President of Hindu Munnani presented his petition to this Sham Slovenly Careless Committee (SSCP) in the morning today (5 November, 2007).

The ruthless objectivity and unquestioned probity of Dr Ramachandran became fully known to the public when he put a Ponnadai on Karunanidhi at the spot where he sat for observing a fast against the Honourable Supreme Court of India for having imposed a ban on the ‘stupid Bandh’ organised by the DMK. 

Mahatma Gandhi’s several fasts were put to historic shame by this judicially aborted fast of Karunanidhi who decamped from the spot the moment he got the news relating to the Supreme Court’s ban on the Bandh then in progress. 

Dr Ramachandran gleefully participated in this glorious historic (!) event and covered himself with pseudo-secular rational colour. Thus Dr. Ramachandran and Karunanidhi had the great good fortune of being together at one of the greatest Dress Rehearsals of World History in the first decade of the 21st century- — THE GREAT CHEPAUK FAST.

This world shaking event can only be described in the truly exciting, free, and unmatched common man’s verse of Chandramouli:

For the convenience of those readers who do not know Tamil, I am giving a fuller English Translation of the above Tamil verses.

 Karunanidhi said there is no Lord Rama
 He further said He is a mad drunkard
 Where did Lord Rama get his Engineering Degree from?
 Karunanidhi asked with Periyar Rational Fervour.
 Ramachandran gleefully garlanded Karunanidhi    
 For raising such noble questions!

 Rama Sethu is not a myth but a living truth
 It was built by Lord Rama and no one else Said the People in one voice
 To discover this known TRUTH
 The same Ramachandran heads the Committee
 In a wretched land of Shame, Perfidy and Infamy!!

 Dr. Ramachandran, chairmen, SSCP commmity of Eminent Persons putting a ponnadai on karunanidhi on 1-10-2007.

In this historic context of global significance, I am only reminded of the beautiful lines of the great English poet W.H. Auden (1907-1973). Literature, especially poetry, often exhibits the extraordinary use and uses of ordinary language, and can often remind us of public issues which our ordinary/normal use of words would neglect, repress, or even deny.
Private faces in public places
Are wiser and nicer
Than public faces in private places.

Ramagopalan, Hindu Munani President, in his petition to the Committee of Eminences presented this morning, has raised the following issues:

A. The public have no confidence in the credentials and intellectual integrity of this Committee.  The Chairman of the Committee, Dr Ramachandran, went and garlanded Karunanidhi on 1.10.2007 where he was staging his fast against the Judgement of the Supreme Court, imposing a ban on the DMK bandh.  Such a man can never be objective in his approach to the SSCP evaluation work entrusted to him.  He has enclosed a photograph of Dr. Ramachandran putting a ponnadai on Karunanidhi which can be seen at the top of this article.

  Sri Ramagopalan, Founder & President Hindu Munnani.

  B. The scientific proof to show that Rama Sethu  is man-made is available with the Government of India.  Secretary to the Government of India in the Ministry of Earth Sciences (Vide D.O. No. MOES/Misc &-PCII Dated 14 April 2007) has written to Dr Abdul Kalam – President of India that the Rama Sethu is man-made.  That being so, how can this settled question   be raised now? Ramagopalan  has enclosed a copy of this vital letter.

C. There is adequate numismatic evidence regarding the existence of Rama Sethu cutting a cross centuries.  Ramagoplan has given a photograph of the half an anna coin minted by the English Eat India Company in 1818 to the Committee to prove this point.  How can men like T R Balu and Karunanidhi treat this historical fact with contempt and derision.

D. There is massive literary evidence to prove the existence of Rama Sethu through the Ages.  For example, Sethu Pala Charithiram (Sethu Sthala Purana Kaviyam), the benefits that would accrue to any one who has a holy dip in Rama Sethu Ocean have been clearly explained.  How can this literary evidence be dismissed as fiction?
E. Alberuni, the Muslim Historian who came to India in the 11th century has referred to the historic, spiritual and religious significance of Rama Sethu.

Thus Ramagopalan requested the Committee to recommend the following  steps to the Government of India:

1. Rama Sethu should on no account be destroyed.
2. Every step must be taken to protect the Fisheries and Fisherman of Area by saving Rama Sethu from planned destruction.
3. The Committee should examine the economic and environmental aspects of SSCP in an objective manner, liberating itself from the pressures of vote bank Party Politics.


Objections raised by Shri Haran to “Committee of Eminent Persons”


Expert committee on Sethusamudram Project seeks more time

4 November 2007
Considering the large volume of work, the Expert Committee on Sethusamudram channel project has sought extension of time from government for completion of the project.
The Committee, was required to submit its report within one month from the day it started functioning. The Committee has decided to meet again on November 14th and 15th, at Chennai after completion of personal hearings, said an official release.
Over 130 persons appeared before the Committee till yesterday and expressed their views on wide range of issues varying from economic viability to environmental, navigational, security, historical, religious, social and developmental factors, the release said.



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