Rama Setu: scrap channel project, VHP

VHP wants Sethu project scrapped
Tuesday October 30 2007 13:17 IST

Express News Service

VISAKHAPATNAM: Viswa Hindu Parishad rejected the Centre offer to constitute a committee to look into objections against the proposed dismantling of Ram Setu and, demanded that the Sethusamudram project itself should be cancelled.
The Centre should scrap the project by Nov 20 or be prepared for a nationwide agitation by all Hindu organisations, which will cover 1.65 lakh villages, encompassing the 12 ‘Jyotirlingas’, said VHP international general secretary Praveen Togadia.
Addressing newsmen, Togadia said no Committee in the world is competent to talk about the faith in Virgin Mary or Hazratbal. Similarly, Ram Sethu is a matter of faith for the Hindus, on which no committee can pass its judgment. Moreover, the committee mooted by the Centre, has biased, anti-Hindu members who would naturally support the government’s viewpoint.
Committee member RS Sarma who represented the Babri Masjid Action Committee in the deliberations over Mandir-Masjid row in the 1990s, supported the muslim viewpoint instead of the Hindu community to which he belongs. ‘‘When such enemies of Hinduism are on the panel, how can it be expected to be unprejudiced’’, Togadia sought to know and dismissed the very idea of constituting the committee as a step to frustrate the Hindus.
Togadia said the VHP has no intention to politicise the issue and claimed it would have asked the NDA Government to give up the project had the issue surfaced during its rule. ‘‘All parties should oppose the dismantling of Ram Sethu, otherwise they will face the consequences of hurting the sentiments of the majority community’’, he observed.
The VHP leader suggested to the Centre to declare Ram Sethu as a national monument and promote it as a tourist spot, saying it was a treasure that has to be protected for the posterity.



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