Rama Setu: dharma yoddha

Ram Setu: VHP sets for religious war

Prerana Thakurdesai

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 (Mumbai)

While lights and festivities dazzled in the festive season, Ram Sevaks were being recruited in the bylanes of Mumbai to save the Ram Setu from the UPA government.
They will join a nationwide army of foot soldiers who are desperately working to foil the UPA government’s Sethusamudram Project.
The project has sparked huge protests from religious groups who are demanding to shelve the plan.
”We want to save the Ram Setu. We have waged a religious war. For that we need workers. From the October 12 to the 26th we will be inducting workers. We have recruited a lot of people during the Ram Lila and Durga Puja programmes,” said Venkatesh Abdeo, All India Joint Secretary, VHP.
The VHP is practically leaving no stone unturned for its new political move.
The army of its dharma yoddhas is expected to tour six lakh villages across India with stones from Rameshwaram that are said to have been used to build the Ram Setu.
The enrolment drive has drawn 60,000 volunteers from Mumbai already.
”This has had a major impact on the public. With the Ram Lila programmes going on this cause has been promoted. A lot of awareness was generated,” said Rajesh Rastogi, Director, Ramlila at Malad.
So as the countdown begins, Mumbai gets a sprinkling of saffron – a city whose public face is usually cosmopolitan.


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