Rama Setu: Ramlila for Karunanidhi, setting evil on fire

Karuna’s effigy to be burnt along with Ravana for fest

Deccan Chronicle, 20 October 2007

Lucknow, Oct. 19: Allahabad, the city of the holy confluence of three rivers, will witness a unique Dasara this year. Along with an effigy of Ravana, the local Dasara committees will also set the effigy of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi on fire. The decision is aimed at protesting against Mr Karunanidhi’s remarks against Lord Rama.

“Karunanidhi is a modern day ‘Ravana’ and his utterances against Lord Rama prove it. Since Dasaara is a time for setting the evil on fire, we have decided to set an effigy of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister on fire along with the effigy of Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Meghnad, the three demon kings. Majority of the Dasara committees in the city have agreed on this decision,” said a member of the famous Patthar-Chatti Ramlila Committee in Allahabad. According to the committee member, the move is designed to create awareness among the local Hindu population about the remarks made by the TN Chief Minister regarding Lord Rama.

“There is a large Hindu population that is illiterate and does not read newspapers or watch television on a regular basis. We presume that they may not be aware of what Mr Karunanidhi has said but once his effigy is set on fire, people will not only make inquiries on the issue but will also become awareness of the entire Rama Sethu issue,” he added. The committee will also be distributing a booklet that highlights Mr Karunanidhi’s statements about the Rama Sethu project.



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