Rama Setu: new theme to celebrate Golu

Ram Setu, the new theme to celebrate Golu


CNN-IBN (Oct. 19, 2007)

HOMEMADE RAM SETU: A Chennai family made this Ram Setu model with the help of satellite maps from Google.

Chennai: The row over Ram Setu has been at the centre of the country’s political scene for sometime now, but this festive season it’s literally entering living rooms as well. A family in Chennai has come up with a rather innovative way of celebrating Golu this year by recreating the Ram Setu in their home.

Monkeys carrying stone, Sita waiting in Lanka, the ocean – you have it all there in a model erected perfectly with the help of satellite maps from Google and built over three days and nights.

“Every year we plan for some theme. Last year we had Karunanidhi distributing colour TVs and two kgs of rice,” Usha, a homemaker said.

Celebrating Golu seems to be changing with the times as it’s all about thematic Golus now. And the Ram Setu one is not just a mark of tradition but also a reflection of the current socio-political scene.

And if that is not all, this year Golus are also made as reproductions of the folk festival Chennai Sangamam. It’s not enough if Golus are thematic alone, they have to be innovative enough to surprise friends.

“If we call friends over the first thing they ask is what’s the theme for this time. So we just keep it as a surprise and when they come and see such a massive thing they are all truly excited,” Usha said.

So, this year it’s innovative Golus that reflect current affairs – here’s one festive tradition that’s fusing continuity with change.



One Response to Rama Setu: new theme to celebrate Golu

  1. P.M. Prabhu says:

    To the Hindus of TN:Through SETU Let us all be great Bhaktas of Lord Rama.Let us be united. Let us be strong and let us be werll armed. Let us be ready for any sacrifice.

    I am agonised that when EVR was striking rama’s image with Chappals there were no Hindus to cut off his hands and then shoot him down. It is better to die than tolerate insults to your Rama, your DharmaGuru and your Dharma.

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