Rama Setu: Adi Granth stanza

“Siddh Gosht” (in Adi Granth 938-46) features a dialogue in 73 stanzas between Guru Nanak and the Siddhs [accomplished yogis] about the superiority of the Guru’s teachings as the true path of yoga.

Stanza # 40 of Siddh Gosht is as follows:

The gurmukh* is the bridge** built by the Creator.
Attacking Lanka, he brings grief to the demons.
Ramachandra destroyed the pride of Ravan,
Through Vibhishan’s secret, the guru’s instruction.
Through the Guru the stones in the sea are delivered,
Through the guru the thirty-three croes are saved***

(see Teachings of the Sikh Gurus: Selections from the Sikh Scriptures edited and translated by Christopher Shackle and Arvind-pal Singh Mandair, London & New York: Routeledge, 2005: 63).

* gurmukh = a person linerated from the bonds of individuatedness (literally, one whose existence is centred around guru).

** In this stanza, argue Shackle and Mandair, the saving power of the gurmukh guided by the guru is compared to the story of the Ramayana telling how the island of Lanka was freed from the tyranny of the demon Ravan by Ram, aided by his [Ravan’s] brother Vibhishan (2005:
148; fn 17).

*** The thirty-three crores (330, 000, 000) stand for the vast number of all living beings (2005: 148; fn 18).
Let us have on record responses of Karunanidhi and Thapar to the above stanza from the Adi  Granth.

Shrinivas Tilak (30 Sept. 2007)


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