Rama Setu: protests in Tamilnadu, New York

Hindu Munnani office ransacked

NT Bureau
Chennai, Sept 23:

Hindu Munnani leader Ramagopalan escaped an attempt on his life when some DMK workers attacked its headquarters at Chintadripet here today.

        Former BJP MP Ramvilas Vendanti’s reported offer of gold for Tamilnadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s head has led to protests all over the State with the DMK men unleashing violence.

        The BJP offices all over the State have been subjected to attack. The headquarter of Hindu Munnani functioning on Ayya Mudali Street at Chintadripet, where its president Ramagopalan was staying for the second day immersion of Vinayaga idols. By noon, around 50 DMK cadres laid siege and threw empty beer bottles and brickbats on the building. Besides they entered the office and damaged window panes, tables and chairs using logs of wood.

        The police tried to curb them when the gang escaped. In the attack that carried out, armed forces policeman Kumaresan and Ramagopalan’s personal security officer Vijayan were injured severely and admitted to hospital.

        On hearing the news, Joint Commissioner of police Balasubramani rushed to the spot. As the Hindu Munnani chief Ramagopalan happened to be on the first floor, he escaped the wrath of the gang.


Row over Ram sparks off violence in State * Hindu outfits not spared

DMK men vandalise BJP offices

NT Bureau
Chennai, Sept 23:

http://newstodaynet.com/23sep/23pg1-6.jpg HEIGHT OF VANDALISM: A DMK activist hurling a stone at the BJP office at T Nagar today.

Photos: B Anand

        In a shocking turn of events, the ruling DMK regime chose to register its protest on former Member of Parliament Vedanti’s provocative utterances by vandalising the offices of the BJP across the State today including Kamalalayam � the party headquarters here.

        Tension gripped Chennai and several parts of the State today as reports of attack on BJP offices started pouring in. Anxiety and tension heightened as the Hindu Munnani State headquarters here was also attacked even as the immersion procession of thousands of Vinayaka idols started getting underway in most parts of Chennai and suburbs.

        Earlier today, hundreds of DMK activists led by Information Minister Parithi Illamvazuthi, south Chennai DMK secretary J Anbazhagan and north Chennai DMK president Balaraman stormed Vaidyaraman Street at T Nagar where the headquarters of the saffron party is located and started shouting slogans against the Vedanti and senior leader LK Advani.
http://newstodaynet.com/23sep/23pg1-5.jpg RUFF AND TUFF: Mayor Subramanian and DMK senior leaders engaged in a tussle with the police in front of BJP office.

        The appeals of senior State BJP leaders like Tamizhisai Soundararajan, and KN Lakshmanan who stood at the entrance of Kamalalayam were drowned in angry slogan-raising by DMK men and soon the protestors started breaking the window panes of the office and the flag pole of the party was also uprooted in the full glare of the media and police. Tamizhisai Soundarajan and other workers were injured in the attack.

        Several DMK men were seen jumping into the party office and many threw stones at it. Strangely, dozens of uniformed men including the Joint Commissioner of Police Durairaj remained mute spectators when the violent incidents unfolded.

        Elsewhere, in Chidambaram the town office of the BJP was ransacked by a mob led by DMK town secretary Senthil. Reports of attack on BJP offices in other parts of the State have started coming in.

        Meanwhile, addressing the media, just after the attack, State vice- president of BJP G Kumaravelu slammed the DMK for perpetrating the attack and demanded the dismissal of the State government.

        ‘Everything happened in the presence of the police,’ he said and asked why additional police forces were not deployed despite advance information about the protest.

        ‘The attackers came in government buses in hordes and went off with police protection after vandalising the office,’ Kumarasamy lamented. On the Vinayaka idol procession that was in progress in the city, he expressed apprehension that those taking the procession may come under attack as a threat to rightist forces was perceptible, he said.

        Speaking to presspersons here, senior leader of the Hindu Munnani Rama Gopalan strongly condemned the attack on their head office in Chennai and charged the ruling DMK with belief only in violence. ‘I escaped an attempt on my life as police personnel led me to safety to a room in the first floor of the building,’ Rama Gopalan said. Meanwhile, in a statement from Bhopal, MP and BJP leader Thirunavukkarasar condemned the violence unleashed by the DMK. 


Why not debate with me too, asks Swamiji

NT Bureaub
Chennai, Sept 23:

        A spiritual leader has taken exception to Chief Minister M Karunanidhi remarks calling Lord Rama as a drunkard.

The spiritualist Vishvesha Tirtha Swami of Pejawar Mutt in Karnataka’s Udupi district at a press conference here yesterday wondered aloud that when the Chief Minister had said that Lord Rama actually drinks, why can’t he (the Chief Minister) accept that Ramar-Sethu bridge was constructed by the same Rama. 

        Elaborating on it, the Swami said that Rama only drank the juice of a creeper and it was ‘honey’ and not liquor.         At this juncture, he quoted actor and politician Sarath Kumar’s words that the drink ‘somabanam’ actually meant honey and not alcohol as mentioned by Karunanidhi.

        He also said, ‘If the Chief Minister had called BJP senior leader L K Advani for a debate on Rama-Sethu bridge, the former can also have a debate with me, too.’

        When his comments were sought on Union Transport and Shipping Minister T R Baalu’s remarks that those who took up this Rama-Sethu issue would be called as ‘religious fundamentalists’, the Swami said it was all about faith and there was no inter-community rivalry.

        He said as a Minister, Baalu should respect the sentiments of crores of Hindus.

“The World is a Dangerous Place to Live, Not Because of the People who are Evil, But Because of the People Who Do not Do Anything About it”  — Albert Einstein

Join the protest  and Fast/Prayers.   More than 1000 people are expected to attend the protest. 6-7 Free buses are arranged from NY and NJ. Please visit www.gandhiheritage/ send mail to gnadhiheritage@gmail.com  for more info.   People from different parts of the country are attending the protest and fast. Spread the word to as many people as possible.

Protest rally, fast planned against Sonia’a representation at UN

India Tribune, Sept 22, 07

New York: A protest rally and a fast are being planned at New York against Sonia Gandhi representation for International Non-Violence Day at United Nations on Oct 2, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.

The protest will take place in front of the UN building from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m on Oct 2nd. The fasting will take place in Union Square in front of Gandhi statue from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m on Oct 1st and 2nd. A bus will be arranged from Edison, NJ, for the volunteers to participate in the protest and the fast. Volunteers are also welcome to organize buses from different areas, says a press note received from Forum for Gandhi Heritage Organization.

The press note says that the recent UN declaration of Mahatma Gandhi birthday as International Non-Violence Day at India’s request is commendable. However, instead of true Gandhians, who lived their lives based on Gandhiji’s ideals representing this day at the UN, politicians like Sonia Gandhi are using his name for political mileage and international legitimacy. “The alarming threat Sonia Gandhi poses to democracy of India, corruption and fraud since entering India, dividing India for purpose of dynasty rule, crusade to wipe out Hinduism is against all what Mahatma Gandhi stood for, Sonia Gandhi is unrelated to Gandhi in blood. In thought, word and deed, what she stands for is direct contradiction to what Mahatma Gandhi stood for. Mahatma Gandhi was an embodiment of Truth. His life was guided by Hindu scriptures and has deep respect   for  all religions and to democratic and secular principles. On the other hand, Sonia’s actions as unraveled by many journalists speak volumes of her character and emphasize the danger the humanity faces when even the best name in the world is utilized for personal gain,” the press note added.

The press note said: “Sonia rose to be president of the Congress Party by overthrowing Sitaram Kesari using Congress goons. Opponents such as Sharad Pawar were expelled from the party. This is quite contrast   to what Gandhiji’s ideal, who never desired for power and who said his greatest ambition in life is to made himself a zero. But Sonia Gandhi is in a hurry – hurry to   install her siblings on throne reigning over more than one billions Indians.”

The form alleged that Sonia was pursuing a strategy of divide and conquer to ensure her seat of power forever. She and her cohorts were engaging in a policy of allowing illegal immigration of Bangladeshis, assisting in illegal conversion, and dividing Hindus for an assured vote bank.

It also said that she intimidated most revered Hindu saint on whom no evidence could be produced after three years. Rama Sethu held sacred by one billion Hindus was being blown up just like Taliban blew up Budha statues and this in spite of overwhelming proof that it would be an environmental disaster. Her protégé and Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy in Andra Pradesh was on a crusade to destroy Hindu temples and attempted to take over five out of seven most sacred Tirumala hills for churches and tourism.

While Gandhiji was a Dharma Rakshaka, the press note added, Sonia’s actions showed that she is Dharma Bhakshaka. “If we allow this to continue, it is not just India but all humanity will suffer. India will surely be dragged into likes of emergency period and its gains in economy can be wiped out,” it added.

The protest rally and fast, the press note claimed, has been endorsed by Form for Saving Gandhi Heritage consisting of Mahatma Gandhi Interna-tional Foundation, Indo Caribbean Council, Kashmiri Pandits Association, Foundation of Nepalis in America and others given on Web site.

Additional details with supporting information is available at http://gandhiheritage.org . Email: gandhiheritage@gmail.com.


Mahatma Gandhi was an apostle of truth and non violence. Sonia (Maino) Gandhi has lied several times.  Once she said that she was a graduate from Cambridge.  In fact she has only high school education.

Mahatma Gandhi gave up his prosperous career for the country.  Only things he possessed are a loin cloth, chappals, watch and stick.   His children and family inherited little if any. Sonia (Maino) Gandhi was from a poor Italian family when she came to India.  From that time, she has amassed billions of dollars through scandals and scams.   Her family has looted the very country that harbored them and gave the best the country could give in the highest places.

Mahatma Gandhi was a true citizen of India. Sonia’s credentials are doubtful.  She became a citizen of India only after 16 years of her marriage because she had no intention of becoming an Indian citizen.In 1971, at the time of War with Pakistan, she went on vacation with Rajiv Gandhi to Italy.  When Indira Gandhi was defeated after emergency, she ran and took shelter in Italian Embassy.

Mahatma Gandhi lived by principle of ‘Satya’ – the principle of Truth, Honesty and Integrity. Whereas Sonia Gandhi has indulged in so many scams, for example, food for oil scam in Iraq, Bofors Ghotala, Maruti episode, Jawahar/Indira/Rajiv trusts.    It is said that she prevented CBI  from arresting Quattrocchi, her family friend.  She let him run away with millions of dollars from a bank in UK.  She recently allowed him to escape from Argentina. 

Mahatma Gandhi was against terrorism.   He went into the midst of murderous riots during partition and risked his own life.   During that time at peace gatherings, a Muslim rioter choked his neck and almost killed him.   But the kindness he expressed even at that time melted him and he fell on his feet. Sonia Gandhi with the help of nominal Prime Minister of India is enacting pro-terrorist policies for vote banks. Because of which 3670 mostly Hindus were dead in the last three years.  So far no arrest has been made in Mumbai bomb blast in which about 200 Hindus were killed.  When 44 Hindus were killed recently in Hyderabad, Sonia Gandhi did not go to visit them.  Her sympathy is reserved only for those she is interested.

Mahatma Gandhi’s life is an open book.  He wrote voluminously in which he put bare his innermost thoughts. What Sonia says and what she does are entirely different.  The Sonia who says she would give up power is intensely after power.   She is hobnobbing with the supporters of killers of her husband.  Supporters of LTTE in Tamil Nadu are partners in UPA government. 

Mahatma Gandhi believed in Ram Rajya and Satya Meva Jayate (Truth shall prevail.) inspired by Hindu Scriptures. But Sonia has completely removed Satya Meva Jayate from government stationery. According to Dr. Subramanian Swamy she wants to impose Rome Raj in India instead of Ram Rajya

Mahatma Gandhi had a great respect for all religions and its teachers. At Sonia’s insistence, Shankaracharya Swamy Jayendra Saraswati was put in jail and treated like an ordinary criminal, while no evidence could be found even after 3 years.

Mahatma Gandhi won his enemies by love.  He believed the world consists of two types of people, those who agreed with him and those who are yet to agree with him (by his love). But Sonia has created a fear in the minds of her colleagues.  After the death of Madhavrao Scindhia, Rajesh Pilot, Jitendra Prasad and others, everybody is afraid of her.

Mahatma Gandhi every day prayed Lord Rama.  Many historians say that his constant chanting of Rama Nama is what gave him that great spiritual strength. Sonia is working for the destruction of Ram Sethu between India and Sri Lanka and declared Rama is a mythological character.

Mahatma Gandhi believed in the freedom of press. Media in India has been completely frightened into submission.  Nobody dares to write anything against her.  He/She will be hauled up immediately via direct threats, tax raids or carrot/stick approach. 

Mahatma Gandhi was an embodiment of non-violence. Sonia actions reveal political, spiritual and physical violence perpetrated by her.  Her family is responsible for killing of 3000 Sikhs in Delhi.  One of the instigators Jagadish Tytler was offered ministry in her Singh’s cabinet.

compiled by Gokul C.

What is the Sethusamudram project?

India has a peninsular coastline of 7517 kms, along which lie 12 major ports and 185 intermediary and minor ports.

Currently, ships coming from the west coast of India and beyond to destinations on the east coast and in Bangladesh have to circumnavigate the Sri Lankan coastline. Moreover, even Indian Navy and Coast Guard ships need to take this circuitous route. This is due to the presence of a shallow region known as Adam’s Bridge, located southeast of Rameswaram near Pamban, which connects the Talaimannar Coast of Sri Lanka.

Source: Map of Palk Strait (strait), Indian Ocean, MSN Encarta.

Source: Shuttle images of a mysterious ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

In order to reduce the steaming distances between the East and West Coast of India and to improve the navigation within territorial waters of India,

The Sethusamudram project envisages a navigation channel connecting the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay through north of Adam’s Bridge so that the ships moving between the east and west coasts of India need not go around Sri Lanka. The total cost of the project is Rs 2,427 crores (Rs 24.27 billion). It is planned that the 167-km channel will have a width of 300 metres at the seabed level.

The rationale for the Sethusamudram project

Source: Graphic: Sethusamudram Project, Rediff.com, July 4, 2005

The Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project has been talked about for almost a century-and-a-half as an economic necessity for India’s maritime trade. The project is intended to serve several purposes:

  1. It reduces the traveling distance between ports on either Indian coast, and therefore, fuel, labour and shipping costs to traders.
  2. It improves navigation within Indian territorial waters.
  3. Given the Sri Lankan conflict situation and the potential maritime threats it highlights, it increases the security of Indian vessels as well as those traveling through India on a longer voyage.
  4. By constructing a channel in the Palk Straits, the response time of the Indian Navy and Coast Guard vessels to a crisis will be reduced. The project will facilitate increased patrolling by defence vessels around the peninsula.

A Sethusamudram canal was considered safer by India than a ral/road link connecting Talaimannar in Sri Lanka and Rameswaram in India. In any case, there has been a renewed interest in maritime security.

The arguments against Sethusamudram

The various arguments presented against the Sethusamudram project are summarised by Preeti Sharma in a six-part series of articles for an online public affairs magazine, titled ‘Project Disaster’: Part I, May 8, 2007; Part II, May 10, 2007; Part III, May 12, 2007; Part IV, May 14, 2007; Part V, May 16, 2007; Part VI, May 18, 2007.

Ecological and technical arguments
The Sri Lankan perspective
The Hindutva argument

Where the initial discussion of the viability and desirability of Sethusamudram was in terms of its environmental impact, the politics of faith has now displaced those issues.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad want the ship channel project to be rerouted to protect the coral structures they claim are the bridge (setu, sethu) built by Rama to rescue Sita from Ravana’s Lanka. They want it to be recognized as a World Heritage site. This fire was fanned by Archaeological Survey of India submitting an affidavit that denied the historical existence of both Rama and the bridge. The affidavit has been withdrawn but Pandora’s box is now open.

Now that Hindutva organizations might derail the project, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam leader has revived his party’s old rationalist rhetoric against the Ramayana legend. Given that Sethusamudram is seen as an old Dravidian dream, the stage is set for a resurrection of old political battles.


The Sethusamudram debate


விவாதம் நடத்த தயார் முதல்வருக்கு சவால்

சென்னை: ராமர் மற்றும் ராமாயணம் குறித்து விவாதம் நடத்த தயாரா? என முதல்வர் கருணாநிதிக்கு உடுப்பி பெஜாவர் மடாதிபதி விஸ்வேஷதீர்த்த சுவாமிகள் அழைப்பு விடுத்துள்ளார்.
சென்னையில் நேற்று அவர் கூறியதாவது: முதல்வர் கருணாநிதி மூத்த அரசியல்வாதி. அவருக்கு தனிப்பட்ட முறையில் கடவுள் மீதும், ராமாயணம் மீதும் நம்பிக்கை இல்லாமல் இருக்கலாம். ஆனால், மக்களின் மனதை புண்படுத்தும் வகையில் கருத்துக்களை கூறுவது சரியல்ல. கருணாநிதிக்கு கடவுள் நம்பிக்கை இல்லை என்பதற்காக, நாட்டில் உள்ள கோவில்கள், மசூதிகள் மற்றும் சர்ச்சுகளை இடித்து விட்டு அந்த இடத்தில் தொழிற்சாலைகள் அமைக்க முன்வருவாரா? ராமர், ராமர் பாலம் கற்பனையானவை என கருணாநிதி நினைக்கலாம். அதற்காக கோடிக்கணக்கான இந்துக்களின் நம்பிக்கையான ராமர் பாலத்தை இடிக்க நினைப்பது சரியா? சேதுசமுத்திர திட்டத்தை நாங்கள் எதிர்க்கவில்லை. மாற்றுப் பாதையில் திட்டத்தை நிறைவேற்றுங்கள் என்றே கூறுகிறோம். ராமர் மற்றும் ராமாயணம் குறித்து என்னுடன் முதல்வர் கருணாநிதி விவாதம் நடத்த தயாரா என அழைப்பு விடுக்கிறேன். முதல்வர் கருணாநிதியுடன் அமைதியான, நட்பு ரீதியான விவாதம் நடத்த தயாராக இருக்கிறேன். இதுகுறித்து கருணாநிதிக்கு கடிதம் எழுதியுள்ளேன். ராமர் குடிகாரன் என முதல்வர் கூறியுள்ளார். ராமாயணத்தில் கூறப்படும் மது என்பது கள் அல்ல. மது என்றால் தேன். சோமபானம் அருந்தியதாகவும் கூறியுள்ளார். சோமபானம் என்பது கொடியிலிருந்து எடுக்கப்படும் புனிதமான சாறு. இவ்வாறு விஸ்வேஷதீர்த்த சுவாமிகள் கூறினார்.

பா. ஜ., ஆபீஸ் மீது தாக்குதல்: அமைச்சர்- மேயர் கைது

சென்னை: விஸ்வ இந்து பரிஷத் மண்டல தலைவர் வேதாந்தி மீது நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க வேண்டும் பா. ஜ., ஆபீஸ் மீது தி. மு.க., தொண்டர்கள் தாக்குதல் நடத்திய போது உடன் இருந்த தமிழக அமைச்சர் பரிதி இளம்வழுதி மேயர் சுப்பிரமணியன் மற்றும் தொண்டர்களை போலீசார் கைது செய்தனர். கைது செய்யப்பட்டவர்கள் சென்னையில் திருமண மண்டபத்தில் தங்க வைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளனர்.


A govt that denies Ram’s existence has no right to existFriends, the Congress party has destabilized the UPA government also by its blunder in the Ram Sethu issue. It was not an innocent blunder. Rather, it was the natural outcome of a systematic perversion of ‘secularism that the Congress leadership has been carrying out, in its tirade against the BJP. Although Dr. Karunanidhi’s remarks have added fuel to the fire, the question is: Who started the fire? Who was responsible for directing its counsel in the Ram Setu case to file the blasphemous affidavit in the Supreme Court?The Congress leadership withdrew the affidavit only because of the spirited protest registered by the BJP and many other organizations. But this does not constitute sufficient amends. Both the Prime Minister and the UPA Chairman owe an apology to the nation for this affidavit. Why hasn’t responsibility been fixed on the culture and law ministers?Our Party should now take the message of all that has happened in the Ram Sethu matter to every nook and corner of our country.The people will surely teach these pseudo-secularists a proper lesson.

http://bjp.org/Press/sept_2007/sept_23_07_p.htm Speech by Shri L.K. Advani, Leader of Opposition (Lok Sabha) in National Executive Meeting, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) : September 23, 2007


One Response to Rama Setu: protests in Tamilnadu, New York

  1. VT says:

    Sonia Gandhi does not deserve what she is getting ,just because she has the name of Gandhi attached to her does not make her an Indian ,it is high time that we start ignoring her…the Gandhi family….

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