Rama Setu: scientific questions to ASI


A truly rational scientist asks the following questions to the ASI.



Email to : directorgeneralasiindia@gmail.com

To : The Director General – Archeological Survey of India

Dear Sir,

You may be aware that recently there has been a lot of anxiety about your affidavit stating that there is no scientific evidence that the Ram Sethu could have had a non-natural past. Your comments about the characters and events in the epic caused a lot of heartburn to the public.

On behalf of all people who want science to take its rightful place, I hope you can throw some light on the following questions.

1. What expeditions have you undertaken in the Palk Strait area ? Can we have a list made available on your website ? Were they underwater or just arial surveys ?

2. What methodology have you used to locate submerged artifacts ? Any sonar / radio equipment ? Can you list them ?

3. How many rock and coral samples have you collected ? Have you taken expeditions in Sri Lankan waters ? Have you excavated at Mannar island  and its surroundings ? I cant find any mention of excavations on your website in the Danushkodi area, in and around Pamban, or underwater in and around the Ram Sethu in Indian territorial waters. I cant find any mention of underwater archeology in the Palk Strait / Mannar Bay in Indian or Sri Lankan waters on your underwater archeology website. I also cannot find details of co-operation with the Sri Lankan side at and off Talaimannar.

4. A Congress MP claims that the ASI used to guide tourists at sites like Chitrakoot and Bharadwaj ashram. ASI information boards pointing to various sites associated with characters in the Ramayana were placed at these sites. Is this true ?

I request you to make available these material on your website, preferably in PDF format.

Yours Truly,


A well wisher

PS: I would humbly request you to get a real email address instead of using a free GMAIL account. This is simply because all your emails including sensitive ones will be stored on overseas computers.  The ASI is an important part of the Indian government, we cant afford to take a risk with the critical communications stored and controlled by other countries.


realitycheck said,


on September 21st, 2007 on 8:24 am

You are commenting all over the place. Just say it once.

>> 4. Was this spot worshipped before this controversy ?? >>

I repeat it is nonsense that this Ram Sethu “mound” (if you will) was not revered.

Thousands used to go and still go to Danushkodi to perform last rites of their forefathers. Just ask the jeep drivers there how many go to perform pujas.

It is a complete lie to say that Ram is not revered by people of other castes.

Thevars (a Kshatriya caste) have revered Ram for long. I suspect you dont know Tamil history much, why do you think Thevar kings like Muthuramalingam Sethupathy of Ramanathapuram were named so ?

What does Sethupathy mean ? It is one of the most common names in that area of all castes. The Sethupathy kings (Thevars) were the most pious devotees of Rama and completed the temple both at Rameswaram and Devipatnam. It is another matter that today these Kshatriyas now break from their forefathers and align with the DMK movement against Rama.

The original Rama temples were probably constructed by Tamil Kings from Sri Lanka ( probably Vellalas, not sure ).

Anyway, if you want this project to continue along this route, then the leaders must avoid foul street language and work calmly and with dignity. It will stir up passions and complicate things.


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