Rama Setu: demand for enquiry commission (revised)

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Rama Setu: demand for enquiry commission

— to enquire into dredging on Rama Setu committing contempt of court

A demand has been made by Rameswaram Rama Sethu Protection Movement at 7th sandshoal segment of the Rama Setu, that there should be an enquiry commission to enquire into the continuing dredging in Rama Setu in violation of the Court orders. (News report follows).

Details of dredging computations based on the data provided on the Corpn. Website clearly demonstrate that dredging has been done on Rama Setu segments (excluding segment B-C which is falsely claimed as ‘North of Adam’s Bridge’ on the Corpn. Website, to mislead the Hon’ble Court).

A contempt of court has occurred and remedy has to be sought from the Hon’ble Court. The enquiry commission has to investigate and punish those responsible for violation of law.

Activists pledge to protect Ramar Sethu, visit alignment

Staff Reporter

RAMANATHAPURAM: A group of activists of the Rameswaram Rama Sethu Protection Movement, led by its national secretary, D. Kuppuramu, on Wednesday, visited the proposed alignment at Adam’s bridge.

They took a pledge to protect Rama Sethu by conducting a puja at the sixth island. They also checked whether any dredging work was being carried out at the Adam’s Brdige or not.

Mr. Kuppuramu said though there was no dredger at the Rama Sethu area now, there were reports that some dredgers were working till Monday.

Hence, a committee should be formed to study whether the Sethu project authorities honoured or violated the Supreme Court directive on the Sethu project.


Sethu dredging work suspended
Wednesday September 19 2007 10:49 IST


RAMANATHAPURAM: The dredging works of Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project (SSCP) were suspended on Tuesday in mid-sea and the two dredgers had gone towards Nagapattinam.
Amid protests, the dredging works are being implemented in mid-sea near Dhanuskodi.
Meanwhile, the Supreme Court recently issued an order saying that the dredging works at Ramar bridge should be suspended for three months.


(Source: Dinamalar, Madurai edition, 20 Sept. 2007, Page 1)

A Case of contempt of court against government of India

1.0 Supreme court’s order (free text) dated 31st August 2007

UNION OF INDIA & ORS. Respondent(s)
(For stay)
Date: 31/08/2007 This Matter was mentioned today.
For Petitioner(s) Dr. Subramanian Swamy, in-person
For Respondent(s) Mr. Gopal Subramanian,ASG.
Mr. S.W.A. Qadri,Adv.
Mr. Rajshekhar Rao,Adv.
Mr. Abhishek Tewari,Adv.
Mr. D.S. Mahra,Adv.
Mr. R. Mohan,ASG.
Mr. M.A. Chinnaswamy,Adv.
Mr. B.B. Chauhan,Adv.

UPON hearing counsel the Court made the following
Heard the petitioner, who is appearing in-person, Mr. Gopal
Subramanian and Mr. R. Mohan, learned Additional Solicitor Generals.
Place the matter on 14th September, 2007, for consideration.
In the meantime, counter affidavit on behalf of Union of India in
the matter of grant of interim relief be filed.
The dredging activity may be carried out but till 14th September,
2007, the alleged Adam’s Bridge/ Rama Setu shall not be damaged in any
[ Alka Dudeja ] [ Om Prakash ]
Court Master Court Master”

2.0 Supreme court’s order dated 14th September 2007

(To obtain)

3.0 < Is the stay on dredging for Shri Ram setu or Shri Ram Setu area?>

<If it is stay for Shri Ram Setu Area, there is clear contempt of court as work was continuing upto 17th September 2007 (refer annex 4)

<Even if the stay is for Shri Ram setu, there is contempt of court as the work was in progress in grid A-B instead of in Grid B-C (in Sethusamudram,gov.in web site, continuously upto 19/09/07, the progress (please see annexure 1) indicated on web page http://sethusamudram.gov.in/ ProjectStatus.asp is   24.76 % (as on 19/09/07) that too in grid B-C, this is wrong because as per the analysis shown in annexure 2, total maximum possible work in grid B-C is only 12.48% of total work estimate for adam’s bridge area)

Thus out of 24.76% of completed work in Shri Ram Setu area,

Work done in grid B-C = 12.48

Remaining work done = 24.76-12.48 = 12.28%

This remaining work done can be in grid A-B only, since as per the SSCP web site “(Dredging is carried out only in north of Adams Bridge area)”

So, 12.28% work has been done in grid A-B

Shri Ram Setu is in grid A-B.

Grid G-A & a part of Grid A-B is in south of Shri Ram Setu.

Grid B-C & a part of Grid A-B is in North of Shri Ram Setu.

{(point G is at 0 km(initial point of Shri Ram Setu area is southmost point from Shri Ram Setu,

point A is at 4.3 km (this point is also in south of Shri Ram Setu)

point B is at 21.6 km (this point is in north of Shri Ram Setu)

point C is at 30 km (this point is northmost of Shri Ram Setu area)

Now Shri Ram Setu is of approx 3 Km width any where between 6.7 km & 12.7 km (this range has maximum height & because of sedimentation, the width of this maximum height portion is nearly 6 km). Please see annex 3 }

As per annex 2 & progress data from Sethusamudram Corporation Limited, work in adam’s area was started on 12/12/2006 at point C. approx 1.28% was over on 13/3/2007 upto 1.8 km (28.2 km from

pt. G)

Approx 1.4% was over on 12/04/2007 upto 2 km (28 km from G).

Approx 8.96% was over on 13/06/2007 upto 6.4 km (23.6 km from G).

Now extrapolating this, dredging upto B point (starting from point C) might have been reached in july first week 2007. In terms of percentage dredging in Shri Ram Setu area, it is approx 12.48%, 8.4 km from point C towards Shri Ram Setu(21.6km from point G).

So further dredging since july 2007 was done in grid A-B, the grid in which ShriRamSetu exists.

Now as per annex 2 & progress data from Sethusamudram Corporation Limited, approx 14.6% dredging was completed by 12/07/07. which is 9.5 km from point C towards A, 1.1 km from point B towards A.

Similarly as per annex 2 & progress data from Sethusamudram Corporation Limited, approx 17.58% dredging was completed by 26/07/07. which is 10.9 km from point C towards A, 2.5 km from point B towards A.

Similarly as per annex 2 & progress data from Sethusamudram Corporation Limited, approx 24.42% dredging was completed by 13/09/07. which is 13.6 km from point C towards A, 5.2 km from point B towards A.

4.0 Similarly as per annex 2 & progress data from Sethusamudram Corporation Limited, approx 24.76% dredging was completed by 17/09/07. which is 13.7 km from point C towards A, 5.3 km from point B towards A. After this dredging ships have been moved away & work stopped since 17/09/07 (please see annex 4)

So, as on 19/09/07, the 24.76 % dredging is over. Dredging has reached a point between grid A & B. This point is 3.7 km from Shri Ram Setu (Shri Ram Setu can be at a distance, anywhere between 3.7 km to 9.7 km from last dredged position). % dredging to reach Shri Ram Setu is 47.66% of which 24.76% is over, which means another 22.9% is needed (please note that since the gradually rising sea bed is there in this part, more dredging is required compared to grid B-C), with current pace it will be reached in feb 2008 (provided no blasting is done & dredging continues, and parallel dredging on south of ShriRamSetu is not taken up).

So the statement on Sethusamudram Corporation Limited’s web site that dredging is carried out only in (B – C Stretch), in the north of adam’s bridge is wrong.

Also, execution of dredging in grid A-B & Shri Ram Setu being just at a distance of 3.7 km, is a hiding of true information, contempt of court, & is causing vibration effects to Shri Ram Setu.

5.0 Charges therefore must be –

1) false information on their web site

2) contempt of court (dredging in grid A-B is equivalent to dredging on/ at Shri Ram Setu)

3) Vibration effects on Shri Ram Setu to be studied & damage what so ever, if any, should be treated as crime, since hearing in Supreme court is still in progress

4) The report of holes done on Shri Ram Setu, need to be verified, & touching of Shri Ram Setu is a crime, Sh TR Baalu, Smt Ambika Soni, Govt Of India, SSCP, should be charge sheeted, if any holes (for blasting) are found

5) Effect on Flora & fauna in view of already done dredging should be studied & the SSCP & ministry including PM should be charge sheeted, under different acts. Fishes & other organisms have already started running/ getting killed (please see annex 5), out of this area.

6) Coral reefs have been damaged, the exact damage to be fixed to punish these so called developers of India.

7) They asked engineering college of Shri Ram. They should now tell their engineering college where their wrong engineering is leading damage to environment, great Human Heritage, i.e., our beloved “Shri Ram Setu”. They should be examined for the healthiness of their mind, intellect, administrative, political skill. Various abnormalities must be enlisted & brought to the notice of public. Defamation against all above concerned, including Karunanidhi must be fixed.

8) Area needs immediate cardoning & thorough inspection for all above aspects must be done, Inspection team must include representatives from Shri Ram Setu Raksha Munch, as we can not believe Govt.

Sketch showing the ShriRamSetu Area


Annex 1 Project Status

Annex 2 Calculation related to Dredging in ShriRamSetu area

Annex 3 picture of ShriRamSetu as per data of sea bed depth as given in DPR as

per SSCP web site (Final Detailed Project Report Feb 2005 by L&T)

Annex 4 Dredging ships of Sethu project moved from work site

Annex 5 Ongoing work on the project is driving away fish

Annexure 1 Project Status


   Progress of Dredging Work

Sl No





North of Adams Bridge

(B – C Stretch)

 Palk Bay/Palk Strait

(E – E4 Stretch)



21.67 Km to 35.05 Km

112.97Km to 167.22 Km



13.38 Kms

54.25 Kms


Dredge Quantity for work A & B

48.05 Million cum

34.50 Million cum






Progress of Work

33634 cum 17/9/2007

16899 cum 17/9/2007


Cumu. Hopper Qty

11894810 cum 17/9/2007

15002989 cum 17/9/2007

Please see SSCP website, as bar chart captured above from the Corpn. website

Annex 2spread1










Annex 3

Annex 4

Dredging ships of Sethu project moved from work site

By T.S.V. Hari, Chennai, Sep 18: Following the Supreme Court’s interim stay of the dredging work near Rameswaram for the Sethusamudram canal project, three ships involved in the work have been shifted out of the area, official sources said.

The ships doing dredging at the Rameswaram area, nearly 500 km south of here, stopped work at 4 p.m. Monday after removing 35 million cubic feet of sand and silt in the Palk Straits for the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP).
The ships have moved 270 km north to Nagappattinam Tuesday.
Further, two supply ships that transported workers and material to the dredging site have also been ordered to move northwards.
The SSCP has, however, not indicated the reason for stopping the work.
An official speaking on telephone from Tuticorin on condition of anonymity revealed that the ships have been asked to shift their base as a precautionary measure.
“The political climate in southern Tamil Nadu is not conducive for the ships’ continuing presence in the region. We also do not want to be mistaken for flouting orders of the Supreme Court. But we are hopeful that higher officials in the union ministry (of Shipping and Surface Transport) will get the stay vacated. So the ships are only being moved to an area which is not too far away from Rameswaram,” the official told IANS.
According to figures available from the SSCP, another 47 million cubic metres of sand and silt have to be removed from the site.
SSCP officials are tight-lipped about the extent to which the Ram Sethu has been affected so far.
Union Shipping Minister T.R. Baalu has gone on record Monday saying that he was hopeful about resumption of dredging soon after vacation of the interim stay by the apex court.
The court had stayed the dredging on Aug 31 on the plea of Janata Party leader Subramaniam Swamy who alleged that the government was planning to damage Ram Sethu (Adam’s Bridge), a chain of limestone shoals between Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu and Mannar in Sri Lanka, with the dredging. The Ram Sethu is revered by many Hindus as the bridge built by mythological god Ram to rescue his wife Sita from demon king Ravana of Lanka.
The Bharatiya Janata Party has been aggressively demanding total stoppage of work in the area where it claims the Ram Sethu is situated.
Hundreds of BJP and Hindu Front workers have courted arrest protesting against the destruction of the disputed structure.
Environmentalists have also stressed on the need to stop work citing possible destruction of underwater flora and fauna.
The Gulf of Mannar, which will be affected if the SSCP proceeds according to plan, is home to thousands of rare corals, which may be destroyed forever.
The Rs.24 billion-SSCP was inaugurated in 2005 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Madurai.


Annex 5


Rameswaram fishermen oppose Sethusamudram project

Rameswaram (TN), Sept 18 : Fishermen in the coastal villages of Tamil Nadu’s Rameswaram District have opposed the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project, claiming the livelihood of lakhs of fishermen is threatened by the project.

Fishermen say the ongoing work on the project is driving away fish, and fear that the ship traffic will only worsen things once the project is completed.
“The Sethusamudram project might be beneficial for the country, but it will only spell loss for us. Our community is not going to derive any benefit whatsoever from the project,” said Muniyam, a fisherman.
The project has been in the midst of a controversy, with environmentalists opposing it.
Opposing the 560 million dollars project, some Hindu groups say it would destroy the Ram Sethu, a 48- kilometre chain of limestone shoals that once linked Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu to Mannar in Sri Lanka.
The government recently filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that there was no evidence to prove “the existence of the characters or the occurrence of events” in the Ramayana, which it hurriedly retracted after an uproar by the BJP and the VHP over it.
The Government has sought three months time from the apex court to examine the Sethusamudram project issue.
The apex Bench headed by Chief Justice K G Balkrishnan allowed the withdrawl of affidavit and posted the matter for next hearing in the first week of January 2008.
A majority of the locals, who live and work amid scores of Hindu temples across Rameswaram, believe it was blasphemous on part of the government to question mythology.
“The government has deliberately created circumstances that the Ram Setu be demolished. All Hindus are opposing this. An alternative to this has to be worked out,” said Kandasami.
According to the Central Government, research has shown that the bridge was a series of sand shoals created by sedimentation.
Union Cultural Minister Ambika Soni had said she was ready to resign over the affidavit row, if asked to by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi.
Her ministry suspended a director and an assistant director at the Archaeological Survey of India, which prepared the affidavit, while it is investigating what went wrong.
The Sethusamudram Project will dredge a channel in a narrow strip of sea between India and Sri Lanka, reducing distances and cutting costs for freight traffic.
Dredging for the project began in 2005 and the channel — 12 metres deep, 300 metres wide and almost 90 km long — will provide a crucial link between the Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannar.



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