Rama Setu: Attempts being made to mislead Hon’ble SC

Attempts being made to mislead the Hon’ble Supreme Court:

An attempt is being made on the Sethusamudram Corporation website to mislead the Courts on the definition of ‘Adam’s Bridge’ project segment totaling 35.05 kms. in stretches G-A, A-B, and B-C . Courts have to be informed that the entire stretch of 35 kms. referred to as ‘Adam’s Bridge’ should be subject to the injunction for stoppage of work in Rama Setu/Adam’s Bridge confirmed by the SC in their order on 14 September 2007. Respondents should not be allowed to mislead and misinform the Hon’ble Court and try to carry on the destruction of Rama Setu.


At this webpage of the official website of the corporation, stretches

G-A (4.37 kms.), A-B (17.3 kms.) and B-C (13.38 kms.)are being referred to as North of Adam’s Bridge. This change in nomenclature has been instituted only after the Supreme Court injunction on stoppage of work in Rama Setu/Adam’s Bridge area.

Referring to these stretches as ‘North of Adam’s Bridge’ is a fraudulent move to misinform and mislead the Courts.

These stretches are in fact called “Adam’s Bridge” in all the reports of the project including the detailed project report.

Here’s is an excerpt from “Hydrographic study of Indomer Coastal Hydraulics (P) Ltd.”:

[quote]The estimated dredging quantities as computed are summarized below:

Palk Strait

Computed sedimentation rate


32,500 m3/y

Adam’s Bridge

Computed sedimentation rate due to currents


2,000,000 m3/y

These estimates are based on the available and simulated information on various oceanographic parameters. Because of high flow velocities at Adam’s Bridge, it is likely that there will be scouring of the channel slopes. [unquote]


Here’s an excerpt from “Technical feasibility and economic analysis of proposed Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project prepared by NEERI in August 2004” which clearly defines what is meant by the ‘Adam’s Bridge’ project segment:

Table 2

Dredging Requirement

Adam’s Bridge

A-B (CSD) 7.70

A-B (TSHD) 4.89 say 4.9

B-C (TSHD) 11.86 say 11.9


24.45 say 24.5

CSD  :  Cutter Suction Dredger

TSHD : Trailor Suction Hopper Dredger


Dredging stops at Sethusamudram  Chennai, Sept 18: With the stoppage of the Sethusamudram project work in Ram Sethu area, the three ships involved in dredging have been sent to Nagapattinam, about 270 km from here.

The dredging work was stopped at 4 PM yesterday and the ships involved in transporting workers and disposing the silt had also been sent to Nagapattinam last evening, official sources said today.

However, a top official of the project refused to clarify why the ships were being sent to Nagapattinam and also declined to comment on future plans.

The dredging ships had so far desilted 35 cubic million feet out of 82 MCft of silt.

Union Shipping Minister T R Baalu yesterday said the dredging would be resumed soon by obtaining appropriate orders from the Supreme Court, which had put on hold demolition of Ram Sethu while passing interim orders on a PIL.

The apex court had, however, allowed the dredging activity to continue to the extent that it did not in anyway cause any destruction to the Ram Sethu, the mythical bridge situated south-east off Rameswaram.

Individual’s belief on Ram Setu must be respected: Sibal

Union Science and Technology Minister Kapil Sibal today retreated the Congress parties stand that there is no scientific proof that it is a man-made structure but an individual’s belief of associating it with Lord Ram must be respected.

“If you ask me is there any scientific basis to prove that Ram Setu is a man-made structure, then the answer is no,” he told reporters here.

“If you believe that Ram Setu is associated with Ram then I respect that belief,” he said while replying to a question whether he believed in the concept as the science and technology minister.

Meanwhile, Union Shipping Minister T R Baalu said the government was going ahead with the Sethusamudram project in the Palk Strait.

“We have stopped temporarily in the Adam’s Bridge area till we get an order from the Supreme Court to proceed on the work in that area,” Baalu said.

Sibal refused to divulge his personal beliefs on the issue despite several queries by the media.

Asked whether he supported the demand for Culture Minister Ambika Soni to resign over the Setu affidavit fiasco, Sibal refused to comment.

Bureau Report  



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