Rama Setu: peoples’ anger

Don’t politicise Ramar Sethu issue: Bitta Rameswaram, Sept. 20 (PTI): Congress leader M S Bitta has said the Ram Sethu issue was very emotive and the controversy sparked by the Centre’s affidavit fiasco should not be politicised by parties for narrow gains. Bitta, who is the founder of the Anti-Terrorist Front, said the bridge, which finds mention in the Ramayana epic, must be protected at all costs as it is our “ancient treasure”. “I will be the first person to sacrifice my life for preventing any damage to the bridge,” he told PTI here. “Ram is respected by all Indians irrespective of caste and religion. Ramayana is known throughout the world. When the country itself is identified with Ram, how could a structure built by him could be allowed to be damaged,” Bitta said. Bitta also regretted the controversial anti-Ram remarks made by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, saying it has hurt the sentiments of people all over the world. “Karunanidhi should know that even the Father of the Nation — Mahatma Gandhi — died uttering the name of Ram,” he said, adding Guru Gobind Singh makes a mention about Ram in his holy scripture. Bitta said he had come to Rameswaram as a devotee to protest against the move to demolish Ram Sethu. He also visited the Sri Ramanathaswamy temple. http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/holnus/001200709201040.htm
LK Advani’s account (in Tamil) on how the goof-up happened. See: Daily Thanthi, 20 Sept. 2007 (From a speech of LK Advani in Tirunelveli, BJP meet) http://dailythanthi.com/article.asp?NewsID=363253&disdate=9/20/2007&advt=1
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Stay away from Ramlilas: VHP tells Congress, UPA leaders
Pioneer News Service | New Delhi

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Wednesday asked people to stop Congress and UPA leaders from attending Ramlilas and said “those who have challenged the existence of Lord Ram have no right to take part in any celebration related to the God.”
  VHP patriarch Ashok Singhal believes Congress leaders were afraid of admitting that Lord Ram was a historical figure as a ‘foreigner’ in their camp was the main architect of the entire plan that badly hurt Hindu sentiments.  Singhal said, “The Congress and its president Sonia Gandhi realised the power of Lord Ram and subsequently withdrew the controversial affidavit. But, there conduct afterwards has been very suspicious. With a couple of Ministers and UPA allies still raising their heads with one or the other controversial remarks on Lord Ram, we would like to warn them to mend ways.”http://tinyurl.com/25b426 Anger That Brought the Government to Its Knees

विनय न मानत जलधि जड गए तीन दिन बीत
बोले राम सकोप तब भय बिनु होय न प्रीत


{The stupid ocean did not yield to the humble requests, and three days passed then Ram said with anger, ‘love does not last without some fear’}

Congress apologists are going around spinning the story in the media that the withdrawal of blasphemous affidavit was a spontaneous act of the government, driven by the conscience of its leaders. If that was really the case, then why did it take the Government more than 24 hours to announce its intentions of withdrawing the affidavit?
What really forced the government to bend on its knees was a massive public outrage all across the towns and cities of India, and electoral considerations. This post tries to collect some images from the local news papers of that day, when over 100,000 people courted arrests, and more than 4000 protest gatherings were reported from all over India.
In Delhi, protest gatherings in large numbers, jammed traffic at various places. National Capital witnessed traffic jams spreading over several Kilometers at stretch.

In Gorakhpur, protesters stopped Amrapali Express.

Protesters on a peace march in Lucknow.

All across Punjab, Sikhs were seen participating in large numbers, protesting shoulder to shoulder with other Hindus. In Vichitra Natak, Guru Gobind Singhji has said he descends from the lineage of Sri Rama. News of protests by stopping trains came from Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, as also from several other towns of Punjab.

In Ambala town of Punjab, police man-handled the protesters.

In Bhopal, a Sadhu protesting with 500 cows.

In Siliguri, West Bengal, Protesters caused the jamming of Siliguri-Darjiling Road.

In Giridih town of Bihar, protest turned out of control. Police hurled tear gas at the protesting crowds.

State of Jammu & Kashmir was not untouched. News of protests arrived from the towns of Rajauri, Kathua, Jammu etc. Students participated in large numbers, and at places near Universities, there were events of violent protests.

In Prayag, protesters sat down on the railway tracks. Chauri Chaura Express held up at Allahabad railway station.

The hill town of Dehradun in the northern state of Uttaranchal, witnessed a peaceful Bandh, which was a complete success. Rispana Setu in the heart of the city, which is otherwise a scene of heavy traffic, remained desolated.

Vehicles were stranded at Mahaveer Circle in Mangalore city of Karnataka.

Similar were the scenes in majority of the towns of Gujarat state too. Traffic came to a standstill near Subash Bridge in Ahmedabad, following a chakka jam by the protesters.

…and as if the Nature joined in the protests too, there was a Tsunami warning in the Indian Ocean, following an earth quake in Indonesia. Reuters reorted :

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Japan’s Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami warning for Indonesia, Australia, India and Sri Lanka on Thursday after another powerful earthquake rocked the south of Sumatra island.
“There is a possibility of a destructive regional tsunami in the Indian Ocean,” the agency said in a statement, adding that the Indian Ocean coasts could be affected within an hour.

(credits for the images are to Dainik Jagran and Times of India)


More popular than the badshah Sudheendra Kulkarni Posted online: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 at 0000 hrs IST
If you want to know how deeply the Ramayana is etched in Indians’ collective consciousness, read this from Glimpses of World History, the magnum opus that Jawaharlal Nehru authored from his Dehradun prison in 1933. “In Akbar’s reign,” he writes, “there flourished in northern India a man whose name is known to every villager in the United Provinces. He is far better known there, and is more popular, than
Akbar or any king can be. I refer to Tulsidas, who wrote the Ramacharitmanas or the Ramayana in Hindi.” How amazing. Akbar was the greatest of all the Mughal emperors. His capital, Fatehpur Sikri, was in the United Provinces, now known as Uttar Pradesh. So, why was the badshah less popular than someone who was a mere bard? The answer to this question lies hidden in the answer to another puzzle: Why does ‘Ram’ figure in the names of so many Indians from diverse social and ideological backgrounds even in modern times? Look at this random sample: Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, Jagjivan Ram, Kanshi Ram, Ramvilas Paswan, Ram Jethmalani, Sitaram Yechury! At the very least, this means that Ram and the Ramayana are central to both India’s social history and to our civilisational identity. Even Allama Iqbal described Ram as ‘Imam-e-Hind’ in one of his celebrated poems, before he became a votary of Pakistan. Lahore, Pakistan’s cultural capital, derives its name from ‘Lav’, the son of Ram. Go to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, which is one of the wonders of the world, and you will find the story of the Ramayana scripted in exquisite sculptures along the walls of the Vishnu-Buddha temple. Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is the world’s longest-serving current head of state (since 1946), is known as Rama IX. In Korean chronicles, it is said that King Suro of the ancient kingdom of Geumgwan Gaya was married to a princess from Ayodhya. All this could not have been possible without Ram and the epic of which he is the hero having some historical basis. But isn’t there mythology, too, in the story of Ram, Sita, Hanuman and Ravan? Of course, there is. The Ramayana derives its greatness and retains its power of influence over the masses even today precisely because its immortal moral message is conveyed through fantastic mythologisation by Valmiki, Tulsidas and innumerable other poets and artists. However, the mist of myth cannot negate the existence of Ram’s historical reality. Also, which ancient civilisation anywhere in the world — Greek, Egyptian, Persian, Chinese or Mayan — is without its own myths and legends? And is there a single mythologically blessed land on this planet whose people are not proud of their heritage of epics, puranas, heroes and sacred personages? When something becomes an integral part of the spiritual life of a people — as the Ramayana has for the Hindus — mythological reality becomes inseparable from what is narrowly understood as ‘historical’ reality. In an insightful essay in India Today recently, U.R. Ananthamurthy, the Jnanapeeth laureate Kannada writer, wrote that the only “language” understood throughout the length and breadth of our country is the language of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Seen in this light, it is possible to see the enormity of the blunder committed by the UPA government in affirming before the Supreme Court, through an affidavit in the dispute over the Rama Sethu, that Ram did not exist at all. It betrays a mentality that holds that the religious sentiments of Hindus can be hurt, and India’s civilisational identity can be falsified, with impunity. It does not require a BJP leader to make us wonder if the government would have made a similar claim in the event of a dispute regarding the historicity of Hazaratbal in Srinagar, where a ‘holy hair’ belonging to Prophet Mohammed is believed to be preserved in a glass casket. True, there is a great amount of tolerance and religious latitude in Hinduism. So much so that when in 1968 Periyar E.V. Ramaswami Naiker (see there is ‘Ram’ even in his name!) burnt copies of the Ramayana all over Tamil Nadu as a part of his anti-Aryan, anti-Brahmin and anti-God agitation, there were no riots in any part of the country. Rather, there was introspection. But Hindu society has travelled quite a bit on the road of self-assertion from 1968 to 2007. How much would have been known if the UPA government had not resorted to some quick damage control by withdrawing the objectionable affidavit in the Supreme Court. The UPA government’s fiasco over the Ram Sethu issue is a salutary lesson in why secularism must not be practiced in irreligious or anti-Hindu terms. The religious sentiments of people belonging to all faiths must be respected — without double standards.


MK remarks on Ram anger Vanniyar SangamNT Bureau
Chennai, Sept 18:
        Vanniyar Sangam has taken strong exception to the remarks of Chief Minister M Karunanidhi about Lord Rama and has dared him to spell out whether he does not want the votes of Hindus.         In a statement here today, President of Vanniyar Sangam, AK Natarasan strongly condemned the affidavit of the Centre in the Ram Sethu issue in the Supreme Court.         He said that Karunanidhi had demeaned Sri Rama by asking whether the revered Hindu God took an engineering degree for constructing Ram Sethu bridge.         ‘He is throwing stones from inside a glass house,’ the Vanniyar association leader said and wanted to know if the Chief Minister was ready to embrace another religion in the wake of his remarks.         Natarasan also wanted to why Karunanidhi chose Vinayaga Chaturthi for the launch of Kalalignar TV.         ‘If he had been a true rationalist, why did not he have the launch of the TV channel on 17th, the birth anniversary of Periyar instead of 15th as Chaturthi fell on the anniversary of Anna,’ he said and wanted Karunanidhi to advise his family on rationalism first before turning to others.         The Vanniyar Sangam leader also warned that they will not take lying down criticism of the Hindu religion and Sri Rama anymore by Karunanidhi.         Natarasan also said that by sullying Lord Rama, Karunanidhi had besmirched the whole Kshatriya race as Rama was a Kshatriya. He also asked whether the Chief Minister was ready to make it categorical that the DMK does not want the votes of Hindus.         Describing reservataion to minorities from the 30 per cent earmarked for the Backward Classes, as an act of betrayal of backward sections, Natarasan said now the reservation for backward people stood at 23 per cent.         ‘Will the Chief Minister, who has cited Amba Sankar Commission’s report for giving quota to minorities will come forward to give caste-wise exclusive reservation for Hindus, based on the same report,’ he queried.         He also informed that a meeting of all community leaders of the Hindu religion will be convened soon on the issue.


Rameswaram fishermen oppose Sethusamudram project Rameswaram (TN), Sept 18: Fishermen in the coastal villages of Tamil Nadu’s Rameswaram District have opposed the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project, claiming the livelihood of lakhs of fishermen is threatened by the project.
Fishermen say the ongoing work on the project is driving away fish, and fear that the ship traffic will only worsen things once the project is completed.
“The Sethusamudram project might be beneficial for the country, but it will only spell loss for us. Our community is not going to derive any benefit whatsoever from the project,” said Muniyam, a fisherman…A majority of the locals, who live and work amid scores of Hindu temples across Rameswaram, believe it was blasphemous on part of the government to question mythology. “The government has deliberately created circumstances that the Ram Setu be demolished. All Hindus are opposing this. An alternative to this has to be worked out,” said Kandasami. http://www.topnews.in/rameswaram-fishermen-oppose-sethusamudram-project-21978  Experts apprehensive of Setu project Sam DanielTuesday, September 18, 2007 (Chennai) While the Centre has sought three months to find an alternative alignment to protect the Ram Sethu, maritime experts want the government to review the whole project.
They say the project will neither reduce sailing time considerably nor cut fuel costs.Sethusamudram channel will be a financial white elephant, experts warn.Although the Rs 2400 crore project will reduce the sailing distance between the east and west coasts of India upto four hundred nautical miles, experts say this will not translate into substantial savings in time and fuel.That’s because it’s a shallow channel and ships will have to reduce their speed by fifty per cent while crossing the 167 km stretch.With huge pilotage cost, experts say the project will not generate enough traffic and the longer route around Sri Lanka may remain the most preferred one.”A shipping company actually ends up in a loss of around Rs nineteen lakh from Kolkata to Tuticorin in a voyage. This is not a cost effective way and I doubt foreign ships are going to transit through Sethusamudram,” said Captain H Balakrishnan, Maritime Expert.”Will it help, won’t it help time only will tell. But there is no harm. It’s not something new has been created. This project has been there for over 150 years. Mudaliar commission went through and said it was viable,” said Commodore Vasan, Maritime Expert.While this pet project of the DMK is implemented at an incredible speed amidst allegations of doctored reports, the big question is public money being put to the best use?http://tinyurl.com/yqoebz  Documenting the fears of fisher folk Staff Reporter

The film examines how their lives are affected by ‘development’

Bangalore: The coast — where the ocean meets the land, where life began, where a fourth of India’s population lives and where the forces of globalisation are now ominously poised to change everything, from the livelihood of fishing communities to the rich coastal ecosystem. Coastal invasion “Resisting coastal invasion” a documentary by prolific director K.P. Sasi, screened here recently, chronicles the travails of fishing communities whose very survival is threatened by the industry lobby and by Coastal Zone Management notifications.Mr. Sasi, in this comprehensive work of journalism travels along the Kerala and Tamil Nadu coast where fishing communities marginalised by development projects echo the same fears: “Where would we dry our fish? Where do we dock our boats and store our nets? Where do we live?” Fishing villages in Kolavipalam in north Kerala are threatened by the sand-mining mafia. Haphazard development in Thiruvananthapuram causes sea water flooding that destroys homes. Coral reefs are threatened by the Sethusamudram project. Tourism and polluting industries undermine the lives and livelihood of fishing communities. Mr. Sasi analyses the role of the Government, non-governmental organisations and international politics in pushing the “anti-people” notification. Notification Even as the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) notification meant to regulate development activities gets watered down with every consecutive amendment; he points out there was one area where it was used rather efficiently, that was in preventing fishing communities from returning to their land after the tsunami.


September 18, 2007                                       Press statement issued by
BJP National Spokesperson Sh. Prakash Javadekar
1. The apparent full-scale civil war taking place within the UPA clearly indicates the near collapse of this unnatural alliance. Both Mr Jairam Ramesh and Mr R.K. Dhavan demanding the resignation of Smt Ambika Soni, unequivocally prove the existence of a civil war within the Congress Darbar. The remarks of Mr Karunanidhi on the Ramsetu has further exposed the inherent contradictions within the UPA. The verbal spat between Mr Kapil Sibal and the Left parties on the Nuclear Deal has brought to the fore the irrevocable differences that exist between the UPA and its allies. It is unfortunate that in this civil war within the alliance, the primary casualties are national interest and the interest of the all but forgotten Aam Aadmi. The rudderless UPA coalition is finally heading towards sure disaster.There are ample side-stories emerging from this civil war. Everybody within and outside the government are desperately seeking to distance themselves from Mr Sharad Pawar’s decision to undertake costly import of wheat. The ever continuing diatribe between Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar and Mr Kalmadi over sports events is another classic example where dissent is clearly evident within the ranks of the alliance.2. The Bharatiya Janata Party demands that the Congress should come clean on the remarks made by Mr Karunanidhi, which are even more offensive than the affidavit itself. Raising questions about the college from where Lord Ram had acquired an engineering degree is not only insulting but a direct affront on the faith of Hindus. The BJP dares the Congress to clarify whether it approves or disapproves the stand taken by Mr Karunanidhi. The BJP outrightly rejects the statements by Mr Karunanidhi and also condemns the ambiguous stand taken by the Congress on the issue. The BJP reiterates that it is not against the project per se, but seeks new alignment, which will not destroy the Ram Setu. It is not issue of Science Vs Faith but a Science, which does not offend Faith unnecessarily. It is not Progress Vs Heritage but a case for progress, which does not trample on heritage. Bharatiya Janata Party demands total review of feasibility of the present alignment in view of opinions expressed by experts that it will be not only be an ecological disaster but also a financial one.


HC moved against CM’s remarks

Chennai, Sept 18: A petition seeking the removal of M Karunanidhi from the Chief Ministership of Tamil Nadu for his remarks against Lord Ram was filed in the Madras High Court today for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus.
The quo warranto petition has been filed by Ramathangarasu, President of Tamil Nadu Bharathiya Jana Shakthi.According to Ramathangarasu, he came to know about Karunanidhi’s speech from newspaper reports. Karunanidhi had challenged the very existence of Lord Rama and criticized him as an ordinary citizen, much inferior to an engineer. He had deliberately made the declaration in order to tarnish the image of Lord Rama. His speech directly affected the feelings and sentiments of a majority of Hindus, Ramathangarasu said.Being the Chief Minister, Karunanidhi ought not to have criticized Lord Ram, affecting the sentiments of Hindus, thereby committing breach of peace. Karunanidhi who pledged to uphold the Constitution, had violated his oath, he said.The petitioner also sought to restrain Karunanidhi from signing any record as Chief Minister, pending disposal of his petition.Karunanidhi had stated at a public meeting at Erode that Ram was an imaginary character and Ram Sethu was not man- made. He had said “some say there was a person over 17 lakh years ago. Do not touch the bridge (Ram Sethu) constructed by him. Who is this Ram? From which engineering college did he graduate? Is there any proof for this?” (Agencies)
Published: Tuesday, September 18, 2007


MK daughter’s house attacked
Wednesday September 19 2007 01:54 IST
EXPRESS NEWS SERVICEBANGALORE: Miscreants pelted stones and hurled petrol bombs at the house of Selvi, daughter of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, near Ragigudda in JP Nagar on Tuesday night.Selvi and her husband Selvam were away in Chennai. A security guard and a housemaid who were at the residence escaped unhurt during the incident.Security guard Gopalkrishna who was posted at the house said that around 7.45 pm on Tuesday, about 10-12 men aged between 20 and 30 years pelted stones and hurled petrol bombs at the house, shattering window panes and setting the doormat of the front door on fire. None of the attackers made any attempt to enter the house.Police said one of the stones was wrapped in an orange cloth with a letter written in Kannada denouncing Karunanidhi for his statements on Lord Ram.Police suspect the attackers to be members of a Hindu fundamentalist outfit. Late Tuesday night, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha (RSS) issued a clarification saying that they were not involved in the attack. An RSS spokesperson said that RSS never indulged in such activities and they were not connected to the incident.The letter also called for Union Minister for Shipping TR Baalu’s arrest and warned of serious consequences for those who questioned Lord Ram’s existence.Police suspect the attackers to be members of a Hindu fundamentalist outfit. Police also said that the attackers apparently shouted slogans like Bharath Mata Ki Jai.Late Tuesday night, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha (RSS) issued a clarification saying that they were not involved in the attack. An RSS spokesperson said that RSS never indulged in such activities and they were not connected to the incident.Sniffer dogs were brought to the scene and investigations are being carried out. Selvi and Selvam who are in Chennai attending a marriage, have been informed of the attack and they are expected back in the city by Wednesday.


September 23, 2007 (Organizer.org)“There is a ploy to destroy Ram Sethu. Sonia is the agent” Sonia Gandhi had visited Rameswaram and attended the inauguration ceremony of Sethusamudram Canal Project with Dr. Manmohan Singh, T.R Balu and M. Karunanidhi. They chalked out a plan to destroy the Sethu. Sonia is an outsider but we are astonished that how these leaders dared to go against our own dharma and heritage? Puri Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati talks to Organiser representative Debasis Tripathy about his mission to save Ram Sethu and about all his hopes and determination in an interview at Puri, Orissa. Excerpts.You are wandering over the country for protection of Ram Sethu and organising Hindus. Kindly sketch your views on the issue.
It is a dishonest and offensive plan of the union government to destroy this great cultural monument, which is the exclusive property of Hindus of Bharat. Continuous efforts are going on to destroy the Sethu. We have visited the spot and found that near Dhanushkoti, some fishermen are residing in that area who are very innocent and simple in nature. They do not know anything about this destruction. Many sophisticated machines are engaged in this task and even experts cannot tell what is really going on. We have information that some portions have already been destroyed. Coming under the pressure of America and being guided by some foreign forces the UPA government is about to wipe out it by explosives.
You are saying that America is keen for the destruction of Ram Sethu. Why?
NASA is the agency of America which confirmed the existence of Ram Sethu. People could walk over the Ram Sethu in the ancient time. Later it submerged in the sea water in a natural process. Now it exists beneath six metre depth. NASA proved that its length is 30 km and breadth 2.5 km. Such an ancient Sethu is with the Hindus who were able to build this exceptational bridge, America cannot tolerate this. How would he? Besides this near the Sethu there is an unlimited reserve of thorium. The USA never wants that India should emerge as a great nuclear power using this thorium. Hence America wants to exploit this by destroying Ram Sethu and make India subservient to him. On the other hand our men in power have opened the door to them. Insatiable longing for power has made them blind.
What do you say about Sonia Gandhi’s role?
Sonia Gandhi had visited Rameswaram and attended the inauguration ceremony of Sethusamudram Canal Project with Dr. Manmohan Singh, T.R Balu and M. Karunanidhi. They chalked out a plan to destroy the Sethu. Sonia is an outsider but we are astonished that how these leaders dared to go against our own dharma and heritage? It is a great fraud with the people of this nation. We want to inform the Hindus through you that this drive is being controlled from Vatican city and the government is dancing on the tune of the Pope. He wants to destroy all Hindu heritages from the soil of Bharat. The late Pope John Paul had visited India twice. On both the occasions he said: “We want to make Asia a Christian subcontinent and our mission begins from India.”
Now the Pope does not wish to see Bharat as a vishwaguru and hence he wants to finish the spirit of our nationhood by hook or by crook. His ambitions met with success in Nepal with the help of Maoists. Then how will the Pope tolerate the existence of Ram Sethu and construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya? Sonia has become his agent. Christians and Communists have managed to tie their knot with each other.Why did you start your protest late? Was there any hidden dialogue with the government?
No. Nothing hidden nor was there any talk with the government. The truth is, we came to know about this late during last Ardha Kumbha Mela at Prayag on January 21, 2006. From that day we are working our best. We never knock at the door of any political man. Yes, we had gone to meet Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, not as the President of India but as a lover of our rich heritage. We told him about the Sethu. Showing a lot of sympathy he supported our views, but his hands were tied then. He could not help us.
What is your next agenda?
We are really happy that this issue of Ram Sethu has been able to break the slumber of the Hindu society. Some Hindus have awakened and have come to the warpath for protection of their religious sentiment. But we are really shocked that some Hindu seers like Asharam Bapu, Murari Bapu and others are maintaining silence. When our nation and dharma are facing a threat, all should come forward with their followers. We have decided to go to Rameswaram and will fight for the protection of the holy Sethu. Even if nobody comes with us, we will definitely go there. My life may go but my steps will never go back.


Abandon Sethusamudram project, VHP says

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Wednesday urged the government to abandon the Sethusamudram canal project saying it will only damage a bridge on the sea said to have been built during the Ramayana era.From correspondents in Delhi, India, 19 Sep 2007 – (http://www.indiaenews.com)The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Wednesday urged the government to abandon the Sethusamudram canal project saying it will only damage a bridge on the sea said to have been built during the Ramayana era.After a two-day meeting, VHP president Ashok Singhal told newsmen that United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the project in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu in July at the instance of the US, ‘which is eyeing our thorium reserves there (in the area where the canal is being dug).’He also appreciated the ‘yeoman service done by (Janata Party president) Subramniam Swamy to the cause of Hinduism’ for taking the canal project to the Supreme Court.Singhal was referring to Swamy’s petition in the Supreme Court that resulted in the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) challenging in its affidavit the existence of Hindu god Ram.He said if Swamy had not taken the issue to the Supreme Court, ‘the government would have blasted Ram Sethu because their dredgers had failed’.Singhal welcomed all pro-Hindu organisations including the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to come together to defend Ram Sethu, the bridge Lord Ram reportedly used to cross over to Lanka to fight king Ravana.Singhal also denied VHP’s hand in the attack at the Bangalore residence of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi’s daughter Selvi. The VHP ‘condemns such violence’, he said.



4 Responses to Rama Setu: peoples’ anger

  1. devarajan says:

    rama sedhu is first national saftey so please save.

    vandhea madharam.

  2. KK RAM says:

    In 1983, Mr.Rakesh Sharma was taking with Mrs.Indira Gandhi from Space, he informed her that he could see Ramar Sethu under water in a day light. Next day, this news was published in all the magazines. (He also informed her about Assam forest fire). That time only I came to know that the bridge is still under water. At that time, nobody denied about the bridge including these Karunadhies . Few years back, I saw an article in The Hindu about NASA’s findings that there is a bridge connecting Rameshwaram and Srilanka which was a man made bridge constructed 17 millions years ago. All we know that Hindu will not publish wrong articles. Hindu should have base proof to write such articles. 17 million years also tallied with the era of Lord Rama’s period according to Valmiki.

    If Ramayana is a story, he mentions about this bridge constructed by Lord Rama in his Ramayana, and we could see the bridge even today, then who constructed this bridge ?
    Could anybody guess that there is an island near Rameswaram called Lanka many million years ago ? If Ramanaya is a story, why Valmiki linked Lanka with India ? He would have mentioned different place in India itself, where many powerful kings ruled them ?

    If Ramayana is a story, Valmiki neednot clearly mention about the positive and negative side of Lord Rama (hero of the story). He would have mentioned only postive side of Lord Rama. (many writes used to) Many places mentioned in India by Valmiki still got relevance today. Each place has got its own significance and no two places conflict each other in terms of incidences mentioned in Valmiki Ramayanam. Like Sri Rama came to Rameswaram to perform Siva LInga Pooja to eradicate Brahamahati Dhosam (I don’t know the correct spelling). In Rameshwaram, temple is there to show this. We cannot see another Rameshwaram or some other place with the same story. Like this, each place has got its own unique incidents.

    RAmayana is not a story. It is a life history of Lord Rama and Valmiki who lived with Lord Rama, wrote Lord Rama’s life. Since it is a real life story, he could see Lanka (renamed Sri Lanka because Sita Mata lived there for years, no country has this prefix Sri) when Ravana took Sita to Lanka. Even today, Rama Bhakta Ananeyar is living in Himalayan Ranges ( I want to attach his real photo, but how to do that ? ) as Siranjeevi.

    Till yesterday, Karunidhi spoke about the non-existence of any bridge like in the sea.
    But, when NASA pictures came, he started to lie that there is a bridge, but it is not Ramar Bridge, it is Adam’s bridge. When, again he saw that the Adam’s brige was renamed from Ramar Bridge, he as usual, started another lie. It is not a bridge, but is a collection of sand gahered 25000 years ago. This time, he sought the help of some Jaalra Scientists. He also claimed that NASA informed that “the bridge is not man-made bridge and it is not Ramar Bridge”. If NASA refuses to accept that it is Ramar Bridge, then how The HINDU published the above said article about the 17 million years old man-made bridge ? If anybody has this article published in the Hindu, we can call for the proof from the Hindu. If the so called sand gathered 25000 years ago is responsible for this bridge, is it possible to have pakka bridge like this ? Nature can create things like mountains etc. but without any pakka shape. But, see Ramar Bridge. It is a pakka one , and looks like man made one with very good finish. Nature will not create this pakka finish things on its own.

    This T R Balu, few years ago in a Christian gathering, told the he was ashamed and sin to be born as Hindu (published in Tuglak, tamil magazine). In Tamil exact wordings are ” Nan Induvaha pirandhadirku vetkapadukiren and vedani padukiren”. Then, how will he respect the sentiments of Hindus ? He has motive to hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

    Karunanidhi asks from which Engineering College, Rama learned to construct the bridge ?

    Everybody knows that Taj Mahal was constructed by Humaayun. Can he ask from which college Humaayun learned this Engineering ?
    It is a customary that even though coolies and labourers do the construction, we say it is constructed by the King. (Like Tanjaur Temple built by RAja Raja Cholan etc.)

    LIke that, the bridge was constructed by Lord Rama with the help of his Vanara Army under the supervision of Nalan, a talented Engineer (who learned this technique from his father vishwakarma).

    These people afraid to talk about the other religion in terms of “so called Rationalism”
    with the fear in mind about the vote bank.

    We should also unite and we prove our strength in terms votes at the time election so that these people should not talk rubbish about our religion.


  3. priya says:

    Hai Mr.Ram,

    I was simply admired the way in which u explained abt the rama bridage. Handoff to u

  4. Madhu says:

    Rama, Sitha story is a real story even Sri-Lankan’s believe regardless of any segregation of human race. I think people trying to rewrite the history and the denial of the strength and know how of our ancestors are sad and the real people who lived to prove themselves great should be admired and remembered with pride. Mother India should be proud and should not forget that the greatest human being worshiped by even God’s Lord Buddha is a product of Mother India. Just b’cause people don’t understand the truth doesn’t mean that it was non existent.

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