Rama Setu: channel status, Sept. 3, 2007

Work A & B Adam’s Bridge

Sept. 3, 2007 Destruction status – 23.58% (dredged quantity: 113,30,641

Aug. 27, 2007 Destruction status — 22.53% (dredged quantity: 108,26,126 cu.m.)

Source: http://sethusamudram.gov.in/ProjectStatus.asp

July 28, 2007 Destruction Status – 17.57%

Aug 2, 2007 destruction status: 19.46% dredged quantity: 9350219 cum  till 2/8/2007    

Source: http://sethusamudram.gov.in/Projectstatus.asp

This, despite the Madras HC order of 19 June, 2007 and SC order of 30 August 2007:

Madras HC order: “We are not inclined to grant interim relief at this stage, as it would hamper further work in the project. However, we leave it to the Union of India to decide whether the actual cutting of Adams Bridge/Rama Sethu could be postponed till the issues involved in these petitions are considered by this Court.”

SC order: “Till September 14, the alleged Rama Sethu/Adam’s bridge shall not be damaged in any manner. Dredging activity may be carried out so long as it does not damage Rama Sethu.”

SC asked GOI to respond to Madras HC orders of 19 June 2007. Continued dredging in Adam’s bridge segment is GOI’s response to Court’s orders?

Length of the channel in various section is as under:-

Rama Setu:

G-A 4.37 kms.

A-B 17.3  kms.

B-C 13.38 kms.

Palk Bay

C-D 37.44 kms.

D-E 40.48 kms.

Palk Strait

E-E4 54.25 kms.

Palk Bay (towards Bay of Bengal side) has bathymetry (depths) of upto 20 m. and hence, dredging not needed/already completed.


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