Rama Setu: destruction status (updates, 23 Sept. 2007)

bathymetrydprmap.jpgWork A & B Rama Setu (Adam’s Bridge)

Centre to go ahead with current Setu route

Union Minister for Shipping and Road Transport T R Baalu says project can’t be implemented with alternative alignmentPosted On Sunday, September 23, 2007 PTI Chennai: Asserting that the Centre would go ahead with the present alignment of the Setusamudram Canal Project after convincing the Supreme Court, Union Minister for Shipping and Road Transport T R Baalu on Saturday said the project could not be implemented with any alternative alignment.

Replying to a question on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s remarks that the DMK’s stand was to implement the SSCP and not to demolish the Ram Sethu, Baalu clarified that those remarks did not mean that Karunanidhi was for an alternative alignment.

He said his leader’s remarks were out of anguish to clarify that the party’s intention was to carry out a developmental project and not to demolish the Adam’s bridge. The minister said he did not see any such thing as “Ram Setu” and he knew only Adam’s bridge, which was a structure formed of sand shoals and such structures existed in many parts of the world.

It was the BJP-led government which approved the present alignment in October 2002.

The fourth alignment being advocated by the party was rejected on April 8, 1999, by the then Union Minister for Environment Suresh Prabhu as it would have had “serious environmental implications with respect to marine life and bio-sphere reserve.”

The project report on SSCP, submitted to the then Union Minister Arun Jaitley, had clearly stated that the proposed route would orignate from the Gulf of Mannar and extend towards east and further north-east of Pamban Island and cut through the Adam’s bridge.

Accepting the alignment, then Union Minister Thirunavukkarasar suggested a depth of seven metres, while another Minister V P Goel suggested more than nine metres.

The UPA government was only going ahead with an alignment chosen by the BJP, he said. Now, the BJP was trying to incite “communal riots” to gain political mileage in the Gujarat assembly elections, he said, adding the party would not succeed in its attempts. It was not proper to oppose a development project for political gains, he said adding he was ready to talk with religious heads and BJP leaders on the issue.http://tinyurl.com/yo46l6 Sept. 11, 2007 Destruction status as of Sept. 6, 2007

When the metro line in Delhi was re-routed, it was said that vibrations would cause damage to Qutub Minar.

When dredging is done in 35 kms. stretch of what is referred to as ‘Adam’s bridge’ or ‘North of Adam’s bridge’ in the sethusamudram.gov.in website, such work is likely to damage Rama setu, the physical structure on the geological feature stretching 35 kms.

The interim injunction related to not touching Rama Setu/Adam’s Bridge should be made absolute and refer to the entire work segment of Rama Setu whether it is north or south of Rama Setu.

The “Report on geological and geotechnical assessment of the subsea strata for the proposed Sethusamudram Channel Project” clearly concludes that Rama Setu is a man-made formation. This report can be summoned by the SC.

Since 7 Sept. 2007, the webpage http://sethusamudram.gov.in/ProjectStatus.asp table has been reworded as ‘North of Adam’s Bridge B-C Stretch’. Prior to this date, it was merely called ‘Adam’s Bridge’

The status of destruction of Rama Setu is depicted as follows as of 6 Sept. 2007:

24.06 %


                                      ______     Total Dredging Quantity – 4,80,50,000 cum   


                                      ______     Dredged Quantity – 11560261 cum  till 6/9/2007    

         (Dredging is carried out only in north of Adams Bridge area)

This is suggestio falsi, suppressio veri apparently to mislead and misinform the Hon’ble Court . Expert opinion should be sought to determine the effects of dredging on so-called B-C Stretch on the physical structure of Rama Setu. Until such expert study is conducted, there should be an injunction on any work north or south of Rama Setu.

The following is the progress on the other segment called Palk Bay/ Palk Strait E -E4 Stretch:

 E                      ( Palk Bay/Palk Strait)                    E4            


                                          42.95 %     


                                      ______     Total Dredging Quantity – 3,45,00,000 cum


                                      ______     Dredged Quantity – 14819417 cum  till 6/9/2007    

Sept. 4, 2007 Destruction status – 23. 74% (dredged quantity: 114,06,605 cum) 

Sept. 3, 2007 Destruction status – 23.58% (dredged quantity: 113,30,641

Aug. 27, 2007 Destruction status — 22.53% (dredged quantity: 108,26,126 cu.m.)

Source: http://sethusamudram.gov.in/ProjectStatus.asp

July 28, 2007 Destruction Status – 17.57%

Aug 2, 2007 destruction status: 19.46% dredged quantity: 9350219 cum  till 2/8/2007    

Source: http://sethusamudram.gov.in/Projectstatus.asp

This, despite the Madras HC order of 19 June, 2007 and SC order of 30 August 2007:

Madras HC order: “We are not inclined to grant interim relief at this stage, as it would hamper further work in the project. However, we leave it to the Union of India to decide whether the actual cutting of Adams Bridge/Rama Sethu could be postponed till the issues involved in these petitions are considered by this Court.”

SC order: “Till September 14, the alleged Rama Sethu/Adam’s bridge shall not be damaged in any manner. Dredging activity may be carried out so long as it does not damage Rama Sethu.”

SC asked GOI to respond to Madras HC orders of 19 June 2007. Continued dredging in Adam’s bridge segment is GOI’s response to Court’s orders?

Length of the channel in various section is as under:-

Rama Setu:

G-A 4.37 kms.

A-B 17.3  kms.

B-C 13.38 kms.

Palk Bay

C-D 37.44 kms.

D-E 40.48 kms.

Palk Strait

E-E4 54.25 kms.

Palk Bay (towards Bay of Bengal side) has bathymetry (depths) of upto 20 m. and hence, dredging not needed/already completed.


4 Responses to Rama Setu: destruction status (updates, 23 Sept. 2007)

  1. singhal sk says:

    Dear Sir,

    It is pity on the part of Indian Government to show such a inactiveness about Ramsetu. Government should understand, if We exist, it is due to Ram, if bharat exists it is due to Ram, if tamilnadu and kerala exist, it is due to RAmsetu. We do not know, what nature we do to the evil forces (hungry for earning million of dollars throgh this project) in the form of various political leaders.

    We can only pray to GOD-Almghty the lrod RAma to prtect these evil forces also. Lord Rama should provide good wisdom to these guys.

    Lord rama should also provide strength to HINDU society to fight with these evil forces and throw them below RAMSETU such as ravana and evil forces ewere dumped by Lord RAM.

  2. T.C.Govindan says:

    Let Hindus who voted to power the UPA-Left parties ,do some soul-searching. Since they brought to power these ‘asuric’ forces, they should now try to make amends for their blunder by supporting the ‘fight for Dharma’in all possible ways. Let all of them join hands with Hindu organizations to fell these ‘rakshasas’.Let us realize our strenghth. Only then will God help us.

  3. dharmadi says:

    Dear sir,

    This is pity – But you know one thing – Demolishing Rama Sethu is considered good for the world (???) after all it is the belief of majority Hindus.

    what can i say? shameless politicians and shameless Hindus who elect them (including me…).

  4. T.C.Govindan says:

    The arrogant Balu vows to go ahead with the project as planned by him.This is a dictatorial attitude. He says SSCP is a development project, hiding his ulterior motives and personal gains, at the cost of the country. It is time this fellow is shown his place!

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