Rama Setu: beneficial effects; impact on national integrity, if damaged

http://www.slideshare.net/kalyan97/pressnote23aug/ Rama Setu: beneficial effects; impact on national integrity, if damaged

Executive Summary Press note (August 23, 2007) Rama Setu Protection Forum

If Rama Setu is damaged…

Livelihood of coastal people in Bharatam and Srilanka will be devastated.

Geo-thermally, geo-tectonically fragile eco-environment and 3,600 aquatic species will be desiccated.

What the scientists say: [quote] ·Tectonic movements along the active fault zones bringing about subsidence and submergence of areas.

·Such subsidence will bring in inundations and flooding as well as collapse of structures

·In some cases such subsidence may cause submarine landslides which in turn will lead to changes in ocean currents and mini-tsunamis besides blocking ocean passages.

·Triggering of the movements of already active faults both vertically and in a strike-slip fashion may induce earthquakes and earth tremors, which in turn may cause damages to structures, causing submarine land slides and other concomitant disruptions.  

·Inducing movements along this fragile zone of high heat flow will bring in excessive heat to the surface, thus changing current movements, the lives of biota as well as higher corrosive and erosive effects of the hot waters into the walls of the canal and bringing out land-slides and blocking the passage of sea, etc. [unquote]

An international waters boundary will be in place preventing the coastal people from using the aquatic resources of the historic waters.

When tsunami or cyclone strike, Rama Setu acted as a protective barrier.

If Rama Setu is desiccated, the coastline of southern bharatam including Kerala coast will be destroyed, destroying property, ports, and also thorium/titanium wealth in monazite and ilmenite sands.

If thorium placer deposits are lost, energy independence for the nation will be lost.

The Gulf of Mannar/Palk bay waters will be internationalized with US and other naval ships having right of passage and Bharatam reduced to a coast guard for shipping lanes of petroleum products going from the Persian Gulf to west coast of America.

Rama Setu is the most ancient monument symbolizing Bharatiya culture. This world heritage should be protected. Swarajyam Bharatam should not behave like Taliban destroying this heritage which should like Tirupati be declared as a divyakshetram.

Rama Setu rakshaa is our deekshaa. Protecting Rama Setu is our resolve.

Next phase of nationwide satsang and tirthayatras

Lakhs would converge at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu on August 26 under the ‘Chalo Rameswaram’ programme to offer mass poojas at setutirtham (sacred waters) On August 28 a ‘Ramasetu Raksha Bandhan’ would be observed. Weeklong Krishnashtami celebrations from September 4 will be village-level campaigns to protect Rama setu. From September 27 to October 10 Dharmacharyas, sadhus and sants and their disciples will participate in the movement. Hanuman Chalisa recitations from October 12 to 24, mass demonstration on October 25 and Shila Yatras from November 20 to December 20 will be held. The petition which was signed by 35 lakh people and submitted to the former President will be supplemented by a demand for declaration of Rama Setu as Divyakshetram and ‘underwater world heritage site’.

We hope Govt. of India and Govt. of Tamilnadu will respect the sentiments of millions of people and not behave like the Taliban demolishing the Buddha of Bamiyan calling it a mere stone. Rama Setu is not mere sand, it is a divyakshetram, revered for generations. It is world heritage which should be protected. The Madras High Court noted in their judgement of 19 June 2007 that under the Ancient Monuments Act of 1958, the Rama Setu should be deemed to be a monument of national importance. We hope that governments will respect this sage advice of the judiciary and declare Rama Setu as divyakshetram which is the government’s responsibility to protect and cherish for present and future generations remembering the adarsha purusha, Sri Rama, who is called Vigrahavan dharmah by Valmiki, that is the very embodiment of the values embodied in dharma which is the guiding principle of the nation.


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