Rama Setu: geological and geo-tectonic perspectives

http://tinyurl.com/25c7xc Rama Setu: Geological and geo-tectonic perspectives

Sethu Samudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP) is gaining importance recently amongst the public, the media and the scientists because of multifarious factors.

In the feasibility studies for any major engineering project, it is very essential to look into the geo-technical aspects, besides the engineering and financial ones. The geo-technical evaluation will normally cover the geological, structural, and geo-tectonic features including seismo- tectonic signatures as well as the geo-physical inputs from the various branches. The synthesis and analysis of these geo-scientific data are pre-requisites for making proper geo-technical advice in a suitable manner for the execution of the projects. Actually, Geo-technical Evaluation Report is a pre-requisite for clearing any major engineering project. Such an exercise might have been done for this project also. Normally, Geological Survey of India (GSI), the premier geo-scientific organization in the country, is entrusted with this task of preparation of the GEOTECHNICAL REPORT. GSI has the requisite expertise, man power, equipments, ocean going research vessels, air craft for aerial surveys for research etc, to carry out comprehensive studies on geology, geophysics, drilling, laboratory analyses, geo-tectonics including seismo-tectonics as well as geo-technical, geo-thermal and geo-environmental aspects. Actually these studies are the CHARTED FUNCTIOS OF GSI WHICH ARE GAZETTED. However available GSI sources indicate that GSI was not involved in the geo-technical evaluation of SSCP.

An attempt is made in the paper on this webpage, by a group of geo-scientists retired from GSI to evaluate the regional Geological and Geo-tectonic Settings of the Palk- Bay (PB) – Gulf of Mannar (GM) area between India and Sri Lanka and its relevance to SSCP. The present analysis is made with limited geo-scientific data available with these retired personnel. There may still be a wealth of data available with various geo-scientific organizations which may have to be taken into account for a better understanding of the points raised in this paper as well as to refine the suggestions accordingly.

Exec. Summary: Geological setting in Palk Bay – Gulf of Mannar and relevance to Sethu Samudram Canal project

http://tinyurl.com/3683b7 (Also available for download from http://www.slideshare.net/kalyan97/geologypalkbaymainpoints/ )

Geological and geo-tectonic settings of Palk Bay – Gulf of Mannar area between India and Sri Lanka – their relevance to Sethu Samudram Canal Project by K. Gopalakrishnan, S. Badrinarayanan and KS Subramanian, Directors (Retd.), Geological Survey of India, 6 August 2007

http://tinyurl.com/2ollr7 (Also available for download from http://www.slideshare.net/kalyan97/geologicalsettingpalkbay/ )

The following 6 sets of pdf documents contain 28 figures referred to in the monograph.







Also available for download from:








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