Rama Setu: save world heritage, save India’s integrity


Rama Setu: save world heritage, save India’s integrity

Pioneer e-paper, August 5, 2007 http://tinyurl.com/22ylyb Click on the page to zoon; registration needed to use the zoom page feature.

Zoomed page appears at http://tinyurl.com/yu583n Click on Page 8 to get the full-page supplement titled: Save Ram Setu, Save World heritage, Save India’s integrity.

Perspectives included in the supplement (click on each section to zoom):


Tinyurl: http://tinyurl.com/2cnxwy

· Canyon below the ocean

· NASA image of Rama Setu from space

· AR Mudaliar Committee Report, 1956: choose canal, NOT mid-ocean channel passage

· Incorporate tsunami protection measures

· Consequences of Sethusamudram channel

· Prof. Tad S. Murty’s views

· Geological, archaeological evidence (Dept. of Earth Sciences, March 2007)

· Views of eminent jurists: VR Krishna Iyer, KT Thomas

· Courts’ orders

· Schwarzberg South Asia Atlas, religious/cultural sites 8th – 12th centuries

· Importance of thorium for Bharat

· Fast track project: Historic waters status under UN Law of the Sea 1958

· Nightmare ship salvage operation if Sethusamudram is aligned as mid-ocean channel passage

· Appeal for support

This is an earnest appeal to please sponsor similar full page supplements in the media in all bharatiya languages, all languages of the world. The message has to reach every bharatiya, every world citizen who is interested in protection of Rama Setu as world heritage.



Aug. 5, 2007


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