Rama Setu: protection as national responsibility

Rama Setu: world heritage monument Ppt slides presented at the BJP National Executive meet on June 25, 2007, in New Delhi may be downloaded from http://www.slideshare.net/kalyan97/ramasetu24june2007-68916/

A civil state should not behave like the Taliban destroying the Bamiyan Buddha calling the monument a mere stone. The evidences presented have impressed the two-judge Bench of Madras High Court to give a direction to the Govt. of India: We leave it to the Union of India to decide whether the cutting of the Adam’s Bridge/Ramar Palam could be postponed till the issues involved in these petitions are considered by this court and are finally disposed of.” The Bench, however, directed the Union of India to file a counter-affidavit, “explaining as to whether any study has been undertaken by the archaeological or any other department in respect of the Adam’s Bridge/Ramar Palam.” The Judges also sought to know whether the bridge could be regarded as a national monument within the meaning of the Ancient Monuments (Protection) Act 1958. The Bench said: “The Union of India may also explain as to whether the project can be implemented, by altering the project’s existing route, without affecting the Adam’s Bridge/Ramar Palam, resorting to some other routes as discussed by previous committees.” Pointing out that the prayer of the petitioners was the implementation of the project without affecting the bridge, the Judges said, “according to them it is a national monument.” Justice Shah, during the course of arguments, had said the bridge shouldn’t be disturbed.

“The bridge shouldn’t be touched even if it’s a natural formation. That’s my personal opinion,” he’d commented.

Sovereignty Change

Setu canal to Alignment 4 land-based, through Dhanushkodi — without touching Rama Setu, without creating an unstable, mid-ocean channel passage

Preserve the status of Historic Waters Security

Incorporate Tsunami protection measures; example, tsunami protection wall, Japan Save thorium placer deposits (Rama Setu has contributed to the accumulation of placer deposits of monazite, ilmenite sands; what will be the impact on this ongoing accumulation if Rama Setu is cut through? If another tsunami strikes through the channel passage, the deposits will go under the ocean waters making the deposits difficult to retrieve to serve the nation’s nuclear programme since thorium is the mainstay of the programme).

Save the lives and livelihood of coastal people who safeguard the coral (s’ankha) and algae reefs Heritage Rama Setu is associated with Rama who is vigrahavaan dharmah, the personification of eternal values of dharma

S’ankha (turbinella pyrum), like Sri Rama is an abiding metaphor of Bharatiya Civilization for over 8,500 years;

Declare Rama Setu ancient monument of international importance (Om versus Rome!) Tirupati-Tirumala is a divyakshetram. So is, Rama Setu a divya-kshetram, the sacred Setu Teertham. It is our sacred duty, dharma to protect this teerthasthaanam. This is Sri Rama’s aajna as Veda Vyasa notes. Ramasyaajnaam puraskrtya dhaaryate. (We shall protect it obeying Sri Rama’s command).


Ram Setu Protection a National Responsibility – Rediff

In the opening remarks at the BJP’s two-day national executive meet in New Dehi, BJP President Mr. Rajnath Singh declared that the protection of Ram Setu is a national responsibility and the BJP is committed towards that. http://www.rediff.com/news/2007/jun/25prezpoll3.htm

BJP body to criticise the government stand on Ram Setu – Calcutta News BJP meet will criticise the central and Tamil Nadu governments for going ahead with the Setusamudram canal project between India and Sri Lanka through the Gulf of Mannar notwithstanding the BJP’s plea to protect the mythological Ram Setu, said party sources. http://www.calcuttanews.net/story/259253

BJP meet to discuss party rejig

Political Bureau New Delhi, Jun 24

With two eminent scientists—MS Swaminathan and Kalyani Raman—joining them, the two-day BJP national executive begins here on Monday. Apart from poll debacles in UP and Goa, the executive will also discuss farm crisis and the Sethusamudram Project. The meeting takes place in the backdrop of hectic political activities ahead of the presidential election to be held in July… Swaminathan will make a special presentation on “Agrarian crisis and solutions” at the executives meeting. Scientist and a former World Bank official, Kalyani Raman, will make a presentation on the Sethusamudram project. The effort of bringing scientists to the meeting is seen as an attempt by the BJP to make their leaders substantially informed about the issues, with which the country is currently struggling. However, the idea of inviting neutral scientists is not a new move. Earlier, when the Congress had its chief ministers’ conclave at Mount Abu, they invited economist YK Alagh to enlighten their leaders. Given the level of awareness among the people in this information age, only political rhetoric does work and give the desired electoral results to the politicians of contemporary India. This is the reason, why the India political parties felt the need to be educated by the experts on the issues. URL: http://www.financialexpress.com/fe_full_story.php?content_id=168123

3 Responses to Rama Setu: protection as national responsibility

  1. KNN says:

    I have made a detail study of the Technical Feasibility and Economic Analysis of the
    Proposed Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project and found this is economically an unviable project and it will be a national waste particularly from the security point of view. Threat from LTTE cannot be ruled out. It also appears that Tuticorin Port Trust is not competent to carry out this work, since they are unable to prepare proper tender specifications, vital for this project. Tender documentation is so poor, that it is impossible to get competitive offer from experienced firms . I have never seen such a bad tender documentation in my life. Perhaps it has been deliberate ,on the instruction of the minister, so that more frauds can be committed in this Project.

  2. Rajaram Venkataramani says:

    Individuals are concerned about but they are unable to act on this due to issues of personal safety and survival priorities. The BJP should make an issue of this by raising the following questions and performing actions.

    1) If the project is viable, why can GOI attract private investment? We do it even for road projects and what stops us from doing it for the first of its kind project in the world? The money thus generated can be invested for development. Though for Hindus, this is not a core point, for common men, this will appeal directly because they want some thing for themselves.

    2) Peform annadhanam at different temples and request the common man to participate. This is not an expenditure because it is communal eating where you give one day and get on other days.

    3) Encourage business around this campaign – Banians, T-Shirts, Pens, Note books and so on.

    4) Run harinam sankirtan campaigns in different parts of the country populated by non-hindus.

  3. R.Krishnan says:

    I fully appreciate the efforts taken in regards to save RamSethu Bridge Project and fully agree with the sentiments expressed and as a scientist myself, the scientific approach that has been sought for.

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