Rama Setu: Thuglak, Part 2 (6 June 2007)

More to destructive dredging than what meets the eye? 

Written by
Cho Ramaswamy Published on 02-06-2007 In National
Former secessionist, present day nationalist and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi has described all those who oppose the Sethu Samudram Shipping Canal Project as “traitors.”

The fact that he is yet to comprehend the difference between patriotism and perfidy comes as no surprise to me since the CM has donned the robes of nationalism only recently. Naturally he finds it difficult to discern the difference between fissiparous felony and faultless faith.

To the uninitiated, the project is all about deepening the Palk Straits – a stretch of water separating India and
Sri Lanka to aid circumventing the circumnavigation of ships around the latter island.

Several experts in maritime finance have repeatedly exposed the futility of the whole thing. Other [oceanographers] have explained how it would [irreversibly] cause an ecological disaster in terms of loss of marine life and result in natural catastrophes like tsunamis. [Geologists] have warned that the mineral thorium needed for our nuclear reactors will become unavailable in the region if the dredging is carried on.

Naturalists have expressed well-documented opinions about the imminence of fishermen’s trade turning unviable. Believers in Hindu religion have stressed the unacceptability of the plan since it would mean decimation of Rama Sethu. Former Supreme Court justice VR Krishna Iyer has opined that the project would compromise of
India’s international maritime boundary. Another judge KT Thomas has underlined that the move ought to be jettisoned since it goes against the sentiments of Hindus at large. O Fernandes, an environmental activist has challenged the matter legally. [Besides all this], defence analysts have cautioned the dangers of this scheme…

These are the personalities that Kalaingar has proclaimed as traitors!

Everybody knows that it took him several decades to comprehend that
India is a single nation and on that count, it is understandable that Karunanidhi may require more time to deduce what is patriotism. But one simply cannot allow the continuation of the project till that happens. To pretend otherwise is a sure path to self-destruct.

Concerned citizens have underlined that the Committee headed by Sir A Ramaswamy Mudaliar had pointed out way back in 1952 itself that this project would be uneconomical since it would entail repeated dredging of the waterway. [What is more], alternative viable routes for the canal have been suggested time and again.

Evidence pointing to the presence of a bridge built by [Lord] Ram has been in existence for over 260 years. Other documentation has been provided to prove its being ‘rechristened’
Adam’s Bridge later. These aren’t claims being manufactured by the BJP or VHP, in present tense. On the contrary, they have been in existence since the British era.

Further, [latest] satellite pictures from NASA have shown clearly that [the Ram Sethu] is a reality. Legends and historical facts have it that the bridge was indeed built [during pre-historic times]. That apart, these are matters concerning Hindu beliefs. If these are to be simply wished away as myths – faith in other religions too will suffer the same fate which, in turn, will erode the minorities’ trust – the political constituency of the DMK. Therefore, the CM must eschew the description of describing Ram Sethu as mere superstition.

Neither the Union Minister [for Surface Transport] TR Baalu nor his leader [Karunanidhi] – or for that matter the entire party to which they belong have put forth any believable argument to prove that Rama Sethu is nothing but pure fiction.

To set the record straight, they have been insisting that it is a naturally formed sandbank.

But there is nothing that suggests to the possibility of a natural formation originating from Dhanushkodi and stretching up to Thalaimannar as claimed by the DMK. Neither research nor geological proof backs this allegation.

If disbelief in Hindu legends is supposed to be rationalism, acceptance of the DMK theory is simply absurd.

For the sake of argument, even if one were to suspend one’s conviction, Rama Sethu has to be accepted as an ancient, archaeological rarity. Our Constitution underlines the need to preserve them. There is an entire department for its maintenance. Those destroying such phenomena are punishable according to our law.

Every [civilised] nation [in the world] shows alacrity in preserving its heritage sites. What is more, international archaeologists always are on the lookout for such occurrences to save them for posterity simply because they reveal the history of the respective parts of the globe.

Insisting on destroying such rarities is nothing but an adamant, unjust urge to destroy the roots of a nation.

In spite of availability of ample, obvious, centuries’ old evidence, despite the PMO raising serious objections, why are the DMK and its Union Minister [TR Baalu] continuing to disregard the finding of all sorts of experts and hurtling towards the a single-minded doggedness to wrong the entire Hindu community by proceeding with the project? Why are they ignoring other more eco-friendly alternatives?

Irrational, unreasonable, obstinate obduracy seems to be one of the reasons. However, it cannot be the only one. The other causes may not surface immediately [to the common public].

But, the Prime Minister [Dr Manmohan Singh] cannot be unaware about them. And if he doesn’t stop this obvious obliteration of our origin, he is failing in his sacred duty.(Translated from Thuglak by TSV Hari)http://indiainteracts.com/columnist/2007/06/02/More-to-destructive-dredging-than-what-meets-the-eye/ ramasetuthuglak6.jpg




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    wish it was in english…will some one take the trouble to put it in english please????

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