Rama Setu: secular, sacred and the profane

Sacredness needs no certification from seculars. What has ‘secular’ anything to do with Rama Setu, while the word, ‘truth’ itself seems to be at a deep discount? How come Akananooru, a great Sangam period work, cites Rama and his setu? How come setu is defined as ‘man-made bund’ in Abhidaana kocam, an ancient Tamil encyclopaedia? How about Parantaka Chola’s copper plate epigraph of the 10th century referring to his pilgrimate and snaanam at Setutirtha? How about the 12th century Setu coins — thousands of them found in Jaffna, Yaazhppaanam — of Aryachakravarti (namely, Chola kings)?  There is a saying in Tamil: muzhu poocanikkaayai sottile maraikkaraanga. (Hiding an entire pumpkin in a morsel of rice). Some pumpkin this. Even in politics, there should be some limits on secular lying.   Why name the project Setu-samudram (Bund-ocean)? Why does the Survey of India have a logo since 1767: aasetu-himachalam (from Setu to Himalaya)?  If Setu is a pack of lies, secular is profane. Setu is sacred. It is a heritage, a tirthasthaana. Supreme Court’s observations given vide paragraph number 7 of its judgement reported as S. Veerabadran Chettiar v. E. V. Ramaswami Naicker and others  (AIR 1958 Supreme Court 1032) may be recalled The said observations (as appearing on page 1035 of AIR 1958 Supreme Court) are reproduced: “…. Any object however trivial or destitute of real value in itself if regarded as sacred by any class of persons would come within the meaning of the penal section (295 of Indian Penal Code). Nor is it absolutely necessary that the object, in order to be held sacred, should have been actually worshipped. An object may be held sacred by a class of persons without being worshipped by them. It is clear, therefore, that the courts below were rather cynical in so lightly brushing aside the religious susceptibilities of that class of persons to which the complainant claims to belong. The section has been intended to respect the religious susceptibilities of persons of different religious persuasions or creeds. Courts have got to be very circumspect in such matters, and to pay due regard to the feelings and religious emotions of different classes of persons with different beliefs, irrespective of the consideration whether or not they share those beliefs, or whether they are rational or otherwise, in the opinion of the court.”  Rama Setu: Petition with one crore signatures to PresidentNote: A petition with 35 lakh signatures has already been submitted to the President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
New Delhi, May 26 (PTI): …the BJP women’s wing president Kiran Maheshwari told reporters here… Referring to the Sethusamudram project, the BJP leader also said it will muster one crore signatures from all over the country to protest against “the breach” of Ram Setu and will be forwarded to the President.


Ramsethu not heritage structure: Baalu
Thiruvananthapuram | Wednesday, May 23 2007 23:08:41 IST
Union Shipping and Road Transport Minister T R Baalu today said the BJP’s claim the Ramsethu at Rameswaram was a heritage structure had not yet been scientifically established.
 Terming the BJP’s claim as a ”pack of lies,” he told reporters here the government would go ahead with the Sethu Samudram Shipping Channel Project (SSCP) and work was progressing as per schedule.  On BJP’s demand the site should be declared as a national monument, he said they had never tried to propose the particular site as a heritage site during the past seven years, he pointed out. Stating the United Progressive Alliance Government led by Mr Manmohan Singh was a secular one and never tried to insult the sntiments of any community, including the Hindus, he said the BJP should not consider itself as the custodian of Hindu sentiments.  Even the extensive study carried out by the Geological Survey of
India (GSI) when Ms Uma Bharti was the Union Mines and Geology Minister, had exposed the hallowness of the claim over the mythical bridge, he observed.
— (UNI) — 23MS75.xml


Secular reaction to Rama Setu in Parliament. See Youtube video of Parliamentary proceedings (Posted May 21, 2007) http://theprudentindian.wordpress.com/2007/05/21/144/  


One Response to Rama Setu: secular, sacred and the profane

  1. kanti says:

    If there is a bridge under waters between Rameswaram,India and
    srilanka,as shown by NASA pictures,No special or existing science is required to research on it to make it a national monument,as monuments are priveleged and historical structures
    of any home land if it is there definately it would be older than,and as precious as Tajmahal,qutubminar etc…

    So,it would be it a great thing to declare it as monument not only from Indian side,but also from Sri lanka.

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