Rama Setu: satellite image zoom, themes

The National Geographic website clearly shows a zoomable satellite picture of Rama Sethu. Thematic maps can also be seen.

1. Please click on this URL :

2. Double click on the India Srilanka border region
3. Continue to double click till you reach the Rameswaram – Ramar bridge – Mannar location
4. Switch to Satellitle view (click on the Satellite tab above the map)

You can very clearly see the coral bridge connecting India and Srilanka.

Google Earth and Yahoo maps do NOT show this region clearly, where as National Geographic shows it very clearly. You may circulate this URL to interested parties.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Rama Setu: The curious case of a nation’s government trying to destroy its own national heritage

In the last couple of months, there has been a big hue and cry about the Government of India going ahead with the construction of a canal by cutting through the middle of Rama Setu – a bridge like formation between India and Sri Lanka.

This bridge has been celebrated as the bridge constructed by Lord Rama to get his army to Sri Lanka to rescue his kidnapped wife Sita. Check the link below for a wonderful podcast by Dr. S. Kalyaranaraman on why this Sethusamudram canal project should be done differently. This podcast discusses scientific, environmental, religious and historical aspects of the Rama Setu. The thesis is that Setusamudram canal, if it cuts through Rama Setu can have disastrous results for the coasts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Please visit the podcast below and get educated on the Rama Setu issue.

The funny thing is that this bridge – known as Rama Setu for a long time – was renamed as Adam’s bridge by the British and our maps in school still refer to them as Adam’s bridge and Adam’s peak. Why?

While I can understand why the British behaved as they did, I can’t understand why the DMK and its allies – who are after all our compatriots, derive perverse pleasure in maligning the Hindu religion and its monuments,beliefs and personages. In fact, DMK leaders secretly involve themselves in Hindu rituals! Why this facade of hatred?

The other interesting thing is that a study shows that the Rama Setu is apparently man-made (more information in the podcast). I use the word ‘apparently’ as I don’t seem to fully believe that a bridge of that length and especially of that age could be man-made. But the study is beginning to appear more and more convincing to me.

A better development in this matter is that Hindu leaders across the country are rising against this onslaught against one of their symbols. The Jagadguru of the Sringeri Shankara maTha Sri Sri bhAratI tIrtha swAminaH has himself spoken in this regard. Known for his complete non-involvement in matters even remotely political, Sri swAmIji has now issued statements voicing great concern about possible damage to rAma setu.

The UPA government might continue with its project – but not without some very stiff opposition.

PS: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE watch and listen to that podcast and pass it on to your friends to educate them about this matter. Thanks to Dr. S. Kalyanaraman for such a painstaking analysis and lucid explanation of the matter for lay people such as myself.

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