Rama Setu: politics, facts, Greenpeace

Rama’s victory over ocean: Ravi Verma’s painting

Construction of Nala Setu (according to Valmiki Ramayana) “At Rama’s command, those lions among the monkeys entered the mighty forest with alacrity in hundreds and thousands on every side and those leaders on the simian tribes, tearing up the rocks, which in size they resembled, and the trees also dragged them to the sea and they covered the ocean with Sala, Ashvararna, (list of tree names).Those foremost monkeys transported those trees, with or without roots, bearing them like so many standards of Indra (the king of heaven) and they heaped (list of tree names) here and there. With the aid of mechanical devices, those powerful colossi dug up stones as big as elephants and rocks, and the water suddenly spouted into the air only to fall instantly. Thereafter those monkeys churned up the sea by rushing into it on all sides pulling on the chains. “That immense causeway constructed by Nala in the bosom of the sea was built by the arms of those monkeys of formidable exploits and it extended over a hundred leagues. “Some brought trunks of trees and others set them up; it was by hundreds and thousands that those monkeys, like unto giants, made use of reeds, logs and blossoming trees to construct that bridge, rushing hither and thither with blocks of stone resembling mountains or the peaks of crags, which, flung into the sea, fell with a resounding crash. “The first day those monkeys resembling elephants, or immense energy, full of high spirits and exceedingly merry, erected fourteen leagues of masonry. The second day, those highly active monkeys of formidable stature set up twenty leagues. Bestirring themselves, those giants threw twenty-one leagues of structure over the ocean on the third day and on the fourth, working feverishly, they built up twenty-two leagues in extent. The fifth day, those monkeys, industrious workers, reached to twenty-three leagues distance from the further shore. “That fortunate and valiant son of Vishvakarma (architect of the demigods), leader of the monkeys, constructed a causeway worthy of his sire over the ocean and that bridge erected by Nala over the sea, the haunt of whales, dazzling in its perfection and splendor, was like the constellation of Svati in space. “Then the gods, Gandharvas, Siddhas (living beings superior to humans) and supreme Rishis (great sages) assembled in the sky, eager to see that masterpiece, and the gods and Gandharvas gazed on that causeway, so difficult of construction, that was ten leagues in width and a hundred in length built by Nala. “Those monkeys thereafter dived, swam and shouted at the sight of that unimaginable marvel that was almost inconceivable and caused one to tremble! And all beings beheld that causeway thrown over the ocean and by hundreds and thousands of kotis (millions), those monkeys, full of valor, having built that bridge over the immense repository of waters, reached the opposite shore. “Vast, well-constructed, magnificent with its wonderful paved floor, solidly cemented, that great causeway like unto a line traced on the waves, resembled the parting of a woman’s hair. “Meanwhile Bibishana (brother of Ravana who joined Rama), mace (club) in hand, held himself ready at his post with his companions in case of an enemy attack. Thereafter Sugriva addressed Rama, who was valiant by nature, saying “Mount on the shoulders of Hanuman and Laxmana (brother of Rama) on those of Angada. O Hero, vast is this ocean, the abode of whales; those two monkeys who freely range the sky will transport you both.” “Then the fortunate Rama and Laxmana advanced thus and that magnanimous archer was accompanied by Surgriva. Some monkeys strode forward in the center, some threw themselves into the waves, some sprang into the sky, others marched on the bridge, some ranged through space like birds, and the terrific tumult of the trampling of that formidable army of monkeys drowned the roar of the ocean. “When those simian troops had passed over the sea by the grace of Nala’s causeway, the king ordered them to camp on the shore which abounded in roots, fruits and water. At the sight of that masterpiece that had materialized under the command of Raghava (another name of Lord Rama), despite the difficulties, the gods, who had drawn near with the Siddhas and Charanas as also the great Rishis, anointed Rama in secret there, with water form the sea, and said: “Mayest thou be victorious over thy foes, O Thou, who are a God among men! Do Thou rule over the earth and the sea eternally!” Thus in various auspicious words, did they acclaim Rama in the midst of the homage offered to him by the Brahmins.” (The Ramayana of Valmiki, Yuddha Kanda) http://www.rense.com/general30/nasa.htm

Swamy joins issue with BaaluNews Today. NT Bureau Chennai, May 22, 2007:

Objecting strongly to the statement made by Union Shipping Minister T R Baalu in Madurai yesterday, Janata Party president Subramaniam Swamy today came down heavily on him for his constant disparagement of the existence of the Ramar-Setu bridge.

At a press conference today, the party president said, ‘If the Minister continues to doubt the existence of the bridge, I shall file a criminal complaint against him and seek his arrest’.

Quoting theAncient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, he stated that any religiously revered object; even a stone, that is more than 100 years old is eligible to be declared a heritage structure by the government. He urged the government to declare Ramar-Setu as an ancient monument and preserve its heritage.

The president said that the Ramar-Setu bridge is a heritage monument for Sri Lanka also and he had written a letter to the Sri Lankan Government about the threat to the bridge.

In return, Sri Lankan authorities assured him that they will take the matter up with the Indian Government and an expert committee has given a report to the Sri Lankan President in this regard, Swamy said. http://newstodaynet.com/22may/ld10.htm

Swamy challenges Baalu on Ram Setu debate

22 May, 2007 l 1611 hrs IST l PTI (Times of India)CHENNAI: Challenging Union Shipping Minister T R Baalu to a debate on the Ram Setu issue, Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday demanded issue of a ‘White Paper’ by the Centre on surveys and other details pertaining to the multi-crore Setu Samudaram Canal Project. “Let him (Baalu) come out with a white paper on surveys undertaken,” Swamy demanded at a press conference here, and said he would seek details under the Right to Information Act. Swamy said he would not hesitate to lodge a complaint under the IPC if Baalu continued his constant remarks about Ram Setu “that it is imaginary”.The Janata Party chief claimed that even the Earth Science Department had concluded that “it was not a natural deposit but had been placed there”.He said he was ready to enter into a public debate with Baalu on the issue. Swamy also wanted to know why the alternate route-four, which, according to him, was more feasible, was not being considered instead of route-six in which path stood the monument.Stating that he was going to internationalise the issue, Swamy said that the Sri Lankan government had, in reply to his letter, said it would take up the matter soon with
India about Ram Setu being a heritage monument of the island nation.
He said he would also be writing to the Chinese President about it being associated with Chinese cultural heritage. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Swamy_challenges_Baalu_on_Ram_Setu_debate/articleshow/2067164.cms

Fwd. May 22, 2007 Letter to the Editor – T.R.Balu on Ram Sethu
To: letters to the Editor <letterschennai@ epmltd.com>

Sir This is with reference to your report “I’ll resign if
Adam’s Bridge is proved man-made: Balu”. The report clarifies that there is a marked improvement in Balu’s stand on the Ram Sethu. Previously he was of the view that the bridge is “Non-Existent” and now, it seems that he has accepted the existence of the bridge and only thing he wants is a proof for the claim that it is ‘man-made’. Apart from historical & literary evidences, geological & marine technological evidences are also there to prove that the bridge is man-made. In the recently concluded International Seminar on Rama Sethu convened by the Rameshwaram Ram Setu Protection Movement on the 12 th of May, Prof.C.S.P.Iyer, Executive Director, Center for Marine Analytical Reference and Standards, Trivandrum and Dr. S. Badrinarayanan, Geologist and Consultant, National Institute of Ocean Technology have presented papers with detailed studies & explanations as proof for the existence of a Man-made bridge. Only after gaining knowledge about the conference & the movement gaining momentum, the ruling DPA of Tamil Nadu organized a public meeting in Chennai, purely to ridicule Lord Ram & Ramayana and Hindus & Hindu organizations, there by misleading the people on SSCP / Ram Setu.
If at all we assume that Balu’s story on the so-called ‘TAMBOLOS’ (sand alignment between Islands) is true, why there are no other TAMBOLOS in the world, when we have hundreds of Islands through out? If the so-called TAMBOLOS are only sand alignments, why such heavy cranes, spuds and even ships got broke, sunk and hit the bottom of the ocean while attempting to remove those sands? Can Balu answer that question? No other country, including the super power US, has the experience of constructing a ship channel on sea and our country is attempting to construct one at its own peril. Balu says, “we can learn through experience”, but at what cost? Nobody wants his resignation from the cabinet. Let him just resign from the idea of destroying the Ram Sethu and opt for an alternative alignment, so that all sections of the society are happy. So, let him ‘resign’ and ‘realign’. As simple as that! BR Haran

We need your help in making the international community aware of the concerns which are genuine and serious. It will also be helpful if you can get in touch with UNESCO and UN administrators involved in the preservation of world heritage monuments (in particular, the Intl. Committee of Underwater Cultural Heritage scholars). An effective campaigan can also be launched by Greenpeace who have a unit operating from Capetown. The contact details are: shane rattenbury shane.rattenbury@int.greenpeace.org Shane RattenburyHead of Oceans CampaignGreenpeace International Shane Rattenbury: Greenpeace International Ocean Campaign Coordinator, in Cape Town: + 31 646 177 538 (Dutch mobile) You may consider talking to Shane who has been given some information on the experts’ opinions both from Indian and Srilanka sides. Since the dredging operations using cutters are proving to be ineffective as the dredgers have struck hard rock in the region, it appears that a decision has been taken to blast through the bridge. This is illegal and against all environmental protection safeguards needed to be taken by any civil government. But we are living through times, when truth is at a deep discount :)– This move to blast will also devastate groundwater supply in Rameswaram and Jaffna as the 34 Srilankan experts have noted. In a situation where any reasoned argument proposing alternatives is declared anti-national,I do not know how to attempt to explain the need for incorporating tsunami protection measures and choice of one of the five alternative alignments for a land-based canal (instead of a unique mid-ocean passage channel cutting through the bridge), When a democracy turns Taliban, who will save the Bamiyan buddha or the bridge on which Adam or the Buddha are said to have walked through to Adam’s peak or Vishnupaadam? To view / listen to the PodMagazine, Please click the following link http://poduniversal.blogspot.com/2007/05/adams-bridge-also-known-as-ramar-bridge.html kalyanaraman

See also: http://www.sundaytimes.lk/070520/News/nws11.html http://www.nation . lk/2007/04/22/lankan.jpg Lankan experts caution against eco disasters

2 Responses to Rama Setu: politics, facts, Greenpeace

  1. seetharaman says:

    dear all good hearts

    this earth including the human beings (i think so) who are questioning the existence of lord ram and the creation of ram setu is created by a super power. these persons are few tens of years old only. but the hindu religion and belief about ramayana and places of happenings in it created prior to inventions of maps sattellite. this bridge clearly depicts a need might have been there to link india and srilanka. the sentiments of hindus should be honoured even if the groups (false seculars and partiality persons for votes gatherers) questions the sovireignity of this . these opposition is meaningless and selfish and egoistic. hindus are not weak and no more tolerent if their sentiments are disturbed. improve the country where it needs more attention to improve the economy without touching countries belief and sentiment.

  2. arun says:

    Thats is correct we should safe guard our national heritage

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