Scientfic facts about Adams bridge (or Rama Setu)

Scientfic facts about
Adams bridge (or Ramar Setu) – need for UNESCO, Greenpeace to intervene

Adam’s bridge, also popularly known as “Ramar bridge” or ‘Sethu bridge’ believed to have been constructed by Lord Rama with the support of Lord Hanuman at Rameswarm is under destruction hurriedly, against all protests. The Indian Government argues that there is no documentary evidence to prove the heritage. In this exclusive podShow, Dr S Kalyanaraman, an eminent researcher on Indian heritages produces all documentary evidences for the existence of a man made bridge. He also warns that if the bridge is destroyed, it would cause damage to ecology and also create a greater risk to western
India, if next Tsunami occurs.
If you want to download the file in wmv format (can be played through windows media player), please right click this link and save the link or save the target in your desktop: (14.5 mb) To view / listen to the PodMagazine, Please click the following link


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